Magic And Mystery A Popular History

| Monday, December 28, 2009 | |
Magic And Mystery A Popular History Cover

Book: Magic And Mystery A Popular History by Alfred Thompson

Superstition in a nation depends very much upon climate, temperament, religion, and occupation. Notions entertained of Supernatural beings or things, though generally based upon one broad feature common to all countries, differ so essentially respecting the form, character, habits, and powers of these beings that they appear to have been drawn from sources widely removed. The advance of Knowledge and the truths of Evolution have almost convinced us that belief in the supernatural (unrevealed) is nothing but the creation of the human brain, impressed upon the imagination of our ancestors at periods when such impressions were likely to be strong and permanent, and transmitted within the ironbound certainty of the laws of heredity. Legends have forever been beheld through different prejudices and impressions. They have constantly changed with the media and vistas through which they have been viewed. Hence their different shape, character, and attributes in different countries, and the frequent absence of rational analogy with respect to them even in the same.

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A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit

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A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit Cover

Book: A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird

I believe the hallmark of a great book is that you finish it satisfied but yearning to learn more about the subject. The additional resources, organizations and companies that all would further personal study are listed in the extensive bibliography and reference section. Just a peek at the additional resources available whet my Intellectual appetite for more knowledge. Needless to say, this book will remain in my permanent reference library and I will refer to it often. The included glossary is great, and I think it could be extremely valuable for the novice reader of the subject of natural healing arts to start their study with the glossary. Its so comprehensive, the beginning student will learn many of the herbal basics right here.

The residents of the U.S. in particular and the Earth in general are beginning to understand the serious consequences of our overconsumption and misuse of chemicals, synthetic hormones and processed additives. Our health would be better served by the use of more natural and easily renewable compounds. In fact, it's actually in vogue now to move towards a more renewable and natural lifestyle. The author of A Healing Grove; Stephanie Rose Bird, is willing to share her vast and fascinating study of healing with us. If the reader has any interest in natural and complementary medicine, healthy and natural products, greener living in general or African American history, you will find tons of useful Information , plant and tree knowledge and just interesting reading in this comprehensive work. Stephanie is a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist, and a gifted writer. Her easy, sharing style of writing is like a conversation with a good friend. Her attention to detail, intimate insights and caring nature are wonderful and so evident in her writing.

I've been a long time student of alternative, herbal and holistic healing and this book really opened my eyes to the study of African American healing. I had some knowledge of the use and Understanding of use of bark in healing and health, but no idea of the vast potential it had.

Reclaiming traditions based on plants and herbs has never been more important than it is today. Widespread use of chemicals, hormones, and additives introduce unknown substances into our bodies. On a larger scale, our future on the planet depends on our ability and willingness to incorporate earth-friendly practices into daily life. Where better to look for natural remedies and soothing rituals than Africa? It is, after all, the Mother Continent, allegedly the birthplace of the entire human race, and the keeper of ancient earth knowledge.

No newcomer to these traditions, Stephanie Rose Bird explores the practical uses, spiritual traditions, and historical aspects of trees in the heritage of African Americans and offers ways to rediscover and implement natural practices in twenty-first-century daily life. The topics she covers are as diverse as a wood should be, including everything from hunting, gathering, and processing to natural divination, omens, signs, and forest medicine for wellness and beauty. A Healing Grove will lead not only to personal healing but also to a lifestyle that will heal our earth.

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What Is A Poppet

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What Is A Poppet Cover
A poppet is a life-like figure or doll made to represent a person or animal and is used in ritual, magic and spell-craft to effect change through the application of sympathetic or imitative magic.

Sympathetic magic works on the principles of "similarity" and "associated contact" (i.e. like attracts and effects like). It is based on the belief that someone or something can be magically affected by doing something to an object in one place, that represents a person or thing in another place.

To achieve this a poppet is made as a representation of a person or thing and contains items associated with or belonging to that same person or object. Once made and magically charged, any action performed upon the poppet, is thought to cause or effect a similar reaction on the person or object it represents.

The use of poppets in witchcraft and magic is an age-old practice, but their potential uses have long been closely guarded secrets, and as such there are an abundance of myths, folklore and superstition surrounding their use. For example, in more recent times poppets have been negatively aligned with the Voodoo Dolls of Haiti, which through popular fantasy fiction portrayed in films and on T.V, are commonly associated with malicious intent - revenge, hate or evil.

Today poppets are more likely to be used for protection, prosperity, luck, love, health and happiness. However, as and when a need has been identified, they can also be used for banishing and binding to prevent harm.

Written by George Knowles

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Poppets The Basics

| Saturday, December 12, 2009 | |
Poppets The Basics Cover
I've been busily uploading a bunch of posts about poppets, dollies, voodoo dolls, and more. This post serves as a sort of index on the basics of poppet making so that the information will be easy to find for those of you who come along at a later date.

* What is a Poppet?
* Poppets In History
* The Scoop on Magickal Dolls
* Poppet Making Materials
* Making Poppets
* Basic Poppet Construction
* Making A Cornhusk Doll
* Bringing A Poppet To Life
* Constructs and Thought Forms
* How To Make A Voodoo Doll

For spells and magicks that include the use of poppets, voodoo dolls and etc, visit these links: Poppets, Voodoo Dolls, Kolossoi

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Uc African Magic Traditional Ideas That Heal A Continent

| Monday, December 7, 2009 | |
Uc African Magic Traditional Ideas That Heal A Continent Cover

Book: Uc African Magic Traditional Ideas That Heal A Continent by Heidi Holland

This book, like no other, provides an excellent Understanding of how magic is a part of peoples everyday lives, in everyday language without the anthropological speak. In it, you will see magic from the eyes of an african. Africa's traditional beliefs, including ancestor worship, divination and witchcraft, continue to dominate its spirituality. Readers in search of a better understanding of the continent will be enriched by this book's timely Exploration of sub-Saharan Africa's natural philosophy.

I cannot recommend this book more. I am surprised this book is not more readily available.

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How To Apply To Become A Voodoun On Cajun Nights

| Thursday, November 26, 2009 | |
How To Apply To Become A Voodoun On Cajun Nights Cover Below are a list of questions for you to answer in application to becoming a voodoun character on Cajun Nights:

1. Are you intending to be a regular voodoun (non-clergy) or an initiated Clergy? (houngan/mambo)
2. What levels of Knowing will your character have? Remember that all non-initiated characters can never have greater than 3 levels of Knowing for any one Orisha.
3. What Orisha will be your principle Patron (if any)?
4. Explain how your character came into this Relationship with the Orisha. Was it a traditional way (your family was involved with voodoo), or a more esoteric path? (you read a book on voodoo, or visited New Orleans as a child and an Orisha Touched you, or you
interacted with a Manifest orisha without knowing)
5. Describe your relationship with all the Orisha you have. What is it like? Strained and conflicted, melancholy and distant, close-knit and harmonious, or intermittent?
6. What is your character's opinion on Petro magic versus Rada magic (violent, negative curse magic versus healing, positive magic)? Is this character eligible for beginning points in Hex as a result?
7. Describe how your character integrates her voodoo life with her more mundane life, if she has one.
8. Describe your character's chiefest fear having to do with Voodoo.
9. Describe how you feel about other voodoun.
10. Describe how you will interact With Other voodoun in New Orleans, now that the Drought is over.
11. What Mojo-rituals do you want for your character? Mojo-rituals are ritualistic Things That serve your Orisha which give you points of Mojo energy.
12. If you've chosen the Heirlooms background, what voodoo Heirlooms do you have?

Special questions for Clergy Only:

1. Who initiated you? Answer as many questions from the section above about this person as you can.
2. What Patron Gift do you want?
3. What will be your principle place of worship/practice (hounfor)?
4. Where will your primary altar be located?
5. What, if any, Workings do you have that are still in force?

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Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

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Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me Cover

Book: Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me by Frances Billinghurst

Australian High Priestess Frances Billinghurst is a regular contributor to The Magickal Light ezine.

She has been Exploring the occult since early adulthood and came to the realisation that the more she discovers, the less she knows and that this will be a life long learning journey. She describes herself as a Wytch, a Wiccan and an occultist, although not necessarily in that order. Upon moving to Australia in 1990, she undertook a course on Celtic mythology that led to her moving to England a few years later where she found herself in the fortunate position to undertake some training with English occult author David Rankine. After she returned to Australia, she developed as passion for writing and went on to establish the Temple of the Dark Moon in 1999.

After holding the position of secretary of Pagan Alliance Inc (SA) for six years, Frances resigned in 2006 to concentrate on her writing. Her articles have been published both in Australia and internationally, including "Insight" magazine and the 2008 Llewellyn Witches' Calendar, and she is endeavouring to have at least one of the books rattling around inside her head published in the not too distant future. Frances openly acknowledges her book addiction, and confesses she is rather partial to the 'odd' bottle of red wine.

Her coven may be contacted at:

Temple of the Dark Moon

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The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace

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The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace Cover

Book: The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace by Michael De Molinos

This document is a transcription of an English Translation of The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos The English translation was published in London, in 1688, and is a translation of an Italian edition published in Venice, in 1685. The English translation has the author as “Dr. Michael de Molinos”. The transcription was performed in November and December of 1997, from a microfilmed copy of the 1688 English translation.

The Book that is here presented ye, is a Translation from the Italian Copy, Printed at Venice in 1685. The first Man that got it, with difficulty, out of the Authour’s hands, and then had it Printed at Rome in 1675, with all the solemnity of approbations, was Fryer John of St. Mary, who styles himself Provincial; and he speaks very fine things of it, and he had so heartily read it over, that the impression which it made in his Mind, gave him the exact cue and knack of that sort of Language which the Author uses, when he throws himself headlong into darkness and obscurity: And when this Man had recommended the Book to the sincere Reader, after his way; the next that appears to give a Grace to it, is no less a Man, than the Most Illustrious and most Reverend Lord, the Archbishop of Rhegium, who tells us how many great Offices in the Church he had pass’d through; he says in his Approbation of the Book, that ‘tis a hard matter to make a judgement of it, without some experience of the things contained in it: And that how high soever the secret of it be above all humane Discourse, yet they are not only not contrary to the right dictates of Reason, but altogether conformable to it: Which is as fitting a Preface to some things in the Book, as any man in the World could have made with the Study of Seven Years: First, to say that these sovereign Secrets, which the Book treats of, are above all human Discourse; and then in the very next words, to say they are conformable altogether to the dictates of Reason: as if the dictates of Reason and human Discourse had entered into a Combination never to come to a right Understanding of one another.

He that would be further satisfied of the fitness of this Archbishop’s Character to the Book, will be gratified, by reading patiently some things of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Chapters of the Third Book: But ‘tis enough, that this great Man speaks well of his Countryman Molinos’s Doctrine, that ‘tis according to the judgment of the holy Fathers, and the usual way of Mystical Divines, he says again, that the Author of this Book, does not speak his own Capricios, but follows the footsteps of the Ancients, and builds upon their Principles, and spiritual Foundations, that he reduces ‘em to a right and clear Method, bringing forth (says he) out of his Treasures, things new and old; And for the Stile of the Book, he allows it to be clear, easie, plain, and full in such crabbed hard and lofty Subject; adding withal, that the Man doth not decline Proofs of Scripture, Doctrines of the Fathers, Decrees of Councils, nor the
Principles of Morality, and therefore he judges it to be a useful Piece, and very worth to be Printed: and what can be said more to set any Book off. Next to the Archbishop’s Approbation, in comes that of Fryer Francis-Mary, Minister
General of the whole Franciscan Order, given from his Convent of Ara Coeli, who speaks mighty kindly and favourably of the Book, & recommends it to the Press.

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Prayer Against Voodoo

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Prayer Against Voodoo Cover Introduction

Father God, the only TRUE living God. The God of this whole universe and everything made. The God who said in Genesis 1:1, "Let there be light our father who is in heaven". Father God this person listening to this prayer is being attacked by voodoo spells that have been placed on them and they want it to be removed. Father God anoint, give life to, and fill with power, every word that is going to come out of my mouth in Jesus Christ name.

Voodoo CURSES Fall

Father God every voodoo enchantments spoken toward this person hearing this, cancel them all and curse those curses sent toward them. Have every word spoken at them to fall and have every enchantment that has be successful, put it's evil works to a standstill, and undo every evil thing that enchantment was sent out to do in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Against the Weapons of Voodoo (Spells)

Father God there are earthly things used from nature, when used the wrong way by the people of darkness can cause serious harm to others, so I want you to make invalid the powers of each of these earthly things and render them powerless when used to cause harm to the person listening to this.
Anyone using:
- Graveyard Dust or Goofer Dust.
- Black Ants.
- Aunt Sally's Dream Oil.
- Bat's Blood.
- Bats Eye.
- Dove's Heart.
- Voodoo Magic Powder.
Render them all POWERLESS in Jesus Christ name.

Voodoo Dolls Pt I (Breaking Curse)

Father God the satanic worshipers who sent the voodoo spells toward this person listening to this, mite also have a voodoo doll with a picture of their face on it symbolizing them, and using sticking of pins into the doll to strengthen and direct the spells they casting. Father God make ineffective the power of the black pins, known as Mojo, to cause mental problems and to make stronger the results.

Voodoo Dolls Pt II (Breaking Curse)

Father God there are symbols and pictures on the voodoo dolls where pins are stuck into, let them have no effect, make it unproductive, stop these curses from moving forward.

*Airplane (Travel, journey, route)
*Dollar (Money, prosperity, finances, assets, credit)
*Briefcase (Job, success, business, employment)
*Angel (Guardian spirit, virtues, powers, protection, spiritual)
*Lips (Passion, seduction, infatuation, intensity, sex appeal)
*Skull & Crossbones (Poison, evil, frighten)
*Thundercloud (Weather, climate, air temperature, strike)

Against Voodoo Spirits Pt 1

Father God concealed forces working under the power of voodoo magic, powers of darkness, dark magic spirits of the night, dark forces, dark entities, voodoo spirits that come as shadows, father God chain up every single one of them right this instant in Jesus Christ name.

Against Voodoo Spirits Pt 2

Father God there are evil spirits of voodoo attached to this person listening to this. It's not dwelling in their spirit but it's following them, watching them. It's still tampering with things they own. Their causing injures to them, causing misfortune, destruction, making them feel sad, feeding off their emotions. Father God send a death strike towards every last demon of voodoo harassing this person listening to this in name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Voodoo Spirit (Removal) The FINAL

If there is a spirit of Voodoo in this person's life, dwelling in this person's spirit present yourself. Jesus Christ of Nazareth has died and resurrected from the dead thus you are DEFEATED.
Father God, have the Blood of Jesus Christ to cancel all the spirit of voodoo assignments and render the spirit of voodoo and all the other demons it has joined up with powerless in Jesus Christ name.
Evil curses, generational curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, jinxes, psychic powers, that have been put upon this person or their family line going back as far as ten generations break these Satanic Rituals and curses, break their hold. Break it's power over them. I command you by the authority of Jesus Christ spirit of voodoo to loose this person listening to this Father God DETACH and LOOSE this person from the spirit of voodoo in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


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Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration

| Sunday, September 13, 2009 | |
Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration Cover

Book: Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration by Azrael Arynn

This is extremely informative AND entertaining to read! It's a hefty book and its packed with excellent ideas for rituals, as well as some interesting Historical facts about different kinds of rituals from various cultures. I can't say enough, that if you're interested in learning more about rituals, or if you're a ritual crafter yourself, you won't regret buying this book.

This is the book on ritual that we have been needing for years. Whether you are new to ritual, or an adept ritualist, there is something in here for everybody. As a Witch, Priest, and teacher, I found this book to be a treasure. This book will not only teach you how to create rituals, but it also walks you through the parts of ritual, and prompts individuality in their creation. Plus, the authors share their own wonderful (and horrible)experiences, making this book down to earth and real.

A great reference book to add to your bookshelf! Amber and Azrael have done it again! Thanks for publishing this very useful book! Very highly recommended!

Azrael Arynn K is a third-degree Wiccan Priestess and High Priest of the Coven of Our Lady of the Woods, and has also held offices in the Covenant of the Goddess. She resides in New Mexico, where she is both Facilities Director and Dean of the School of Sacred Living at Ardantane Pagan Learning Center. She co-authors books on the Craft with Amber K, and travels and teaches widely throughout the United States.

Amber K is a third degree priestess of the Wiccan faith. She was initiated at the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago and served on the Council of Elders there. Her books on magick and the Craft have been widely circulated in the United States and Europe, and for nearly 25 years she has traveled across the U.S. teaching the Craft. She has worked with Circle and the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, and served as National First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess for three terms. She is a founder of Our Lady of the Woods and the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca, and currently is Executive Director of Ardantane, a Wiccan/Pagan seminary is northern New Mexico.

Buy Azrael Arynn's book: Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration

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Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook

| Saturday, September 5, 2009 | |
Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook Cover

Book: Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook by Jeffrey Anderson

The author of this well-put-together book knows that the occult practices imported from Africa to the New World, especially the Caribbean and, although widespread in its influence, has not been well documented in the academic world. Therefore, Professor Anderson has collated what does exist, written informative essays to cover broad general areas, explained what is and is not clear or available in the current literature, and given extensive Bibliographies for researchers and interested students to follow up on and do larger studies in the future.

This is a good reference book for learning about the practice of these three nontraditional healing, helping, and harming techniques. . . . The work provides an in-depth look at the practices. It can serve as somewhat of a how-to guide for anyone interested in becoming involved with them. . . . The book serves as a teaching tool that explains which herbs or portions to use for various needs. . . . The volume is Recommended for religious or medical collections focusing on nontraditional Spiritual practices. Its accessible style makes it a good source for interested general adult readers as well.

Buy Jeffrey Anderson's book: Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook

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Voodoos And Obeahs Phases Of West India Witchcraft

| Thursday, August 13, 2009 | |
Voodoos And Obeahs Phases Of West India Witchcraft Cover

Book: Voodoos And Obeahs Phases Of West India Witchcraft by Joseph John William

1932. Voodoo and obeah are distinct from one another, both in origin and practice, and to Understand the force and Influence they originally exercised over their devotees, we must disassociate them from the myriad of other forms of magic that have impinged themselves upon them. The author spent a vast amount of time in Jamaica, studying the people, seeking out practitioners and sought to extend his knowledge. He has spent nearly twenty-five years culling the works of others, gleaning the facts from the fiction. This volume is a result of his research and observations.

Download Joseph John William's eBook: Voodoos And Obeahs Phases Of West India Witchcraft

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When Are Spells Performed

| Saturday, August 8, 2009 | |
When Are Spells Performed Cover When you think of the word magic other words come to mind such as charms, spells etc. There are also numbers that have significant power in the magical world. In the magical society, when you cast any spell it means that you channel your energy for mystical powers.

In order to do a spell, you need to say words in a certain order or with various intonations. If you succeeded in your attempt, then you will release the Supernatural powers.

Spells are usually done when the time is right. In many different cultures that do practice magic, it is of the outmost importance especially for the African-American and the European-American as many of their spells are time precise for example the full moon. But have no worries, not all the spells are like that. I’ll show you both examples:

In voodoo there is a spell called the Position of the Sun. Voodoo Magic Spells are often casted with the position of the moon and the sun. The creatures they worship are called moon-lore. As time is of the essence, it is imperative that they begin their chant at the exact moment they are required to do.
When you do magic, you will learn to know that the moon plays a key role in many spells and chants. If for example a spell requires you do something when the moon is full don’t do it when there is just a crescent.

Use your calendar. A calendar is not only to put down dates and stuff. You can also look at the dates on a calendar and be reminded when a spell will be more effective for example it might be that a spell works well after the first part of the month is gone or did you know that supposedly if you sleep with certain things under you mattress you are supposed to dream of your soul mate?

It doesn’t matter if you go for the White Magic or the black magic. There is more than one way to get rid of a streak of bad luck. You must never forget the law of three and that not all spells can be done at the same time. Sometimes it may require you to stay up late...

Want an example of a magical spell? Here is the ever popular love spell. You can use this one for attracting the person you have a crush on. The ingredients you need to perform the ritual are quite simple: a pink candle and your favourite perfume. First step is to carve a hearth in you candle. Next, make sure the moon is full and place your candle in the moonlight. Open your bottle of perfume and imagine its sent reaching out to your lover. Thank the goddess Venus for helping you out in your quest. Lastly let the candle burn all the way and when you go to any event you think you might meet new people, wear the perfume and wait for the magic to do its charm.

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Free Voodoo Love Spells For You

| Friday, July 17, 2009 | |
Free Voodoo Love Spells For You Cover You might have heard about the voodoo spells. Voodoo love spells are quite popular among people. These love spells are one of the Most Powerful Spells that exist these days. The other characteristic of this spell is that they are very much complex and quite difficult to cast.

But very few people actually know the real story of voodoo. They usually get a wrong impression of these spells because of the horror movies and the stories. So it if you are interested in this kind of magic then you must find out the actual description of this art.

People relate voodoo with black magic and they think it is all about creating the zombies and summoning the Evil Spirits. You need to be a voodoo priest or priestess if you want to practice this form of magic. The powerful spirits that are present in this form of magic is known as loa.

There are certain websites where you will get free voodoo love spells. Before you start using the spells you must know how to use it. The love spells are usually performed by the priests or the priestess.

They utilize the power of the loa to remove any kind of obstacles from the path of love. There are spells which are used to gain love while there are others which can help you to rekindle the flame of love.

You must remember that this form of magic requires some kind of physical transmission and this is the reason why you need to get certain items which belong to the subject on whom you want to cast the love spell.

If you are interested in the free voodoo love spells then you must make sure that you follow the principles of the spells. The first principle is that you cannot harm anybody with the spells. Other than this, you are not allowed to cast any spell which will have a long term negative effect.

One of the free voodoo love spells is to gain love. For this you need a Friday and a full moon. You need a sheet of paper where you have to write about the qualities you want in your partner.

Then spray your favorite perfume on it and take some flowers on your right hand and imagine yourself to be in love. After this you need to sprinkle the flowers on the envelope and seal it with a kiss.

Make sure you place your envelop in a secret and secure place. If you open envelop then the spell will be broken. This is one of the free voodoo love spells that can be used for love. Try the free voodoo love spells to gain the love of your life.

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Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle

| Thursday, May 14, 2009 | |
Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle Cover

Book: Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle by Allen Putnam

Mesmerism is a bit of medical quackery developed in the 1806 Sibly18th century by the German Physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). In 1766, he published his doctoral dissertation on how the planets affect health: De planetarum influxu in corpus humanum (On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body). The work was not original, but largely plagiarized (Pattie 1994). Nevertheless, it satisfied the faculty at the University of Vienna.

Mesmer also discovered that even though he didn't need magnets to get results, the dramatic effect of waving a magnetized pole over a person, or having his subjects sit in magnetized water or hold magnetized poles, etc., while he moved around in brightly colored robes playing the scientific faith healer, made for better drama and for larger audiences. He was able to evoke from a number of his clients entertaining behaviors ranging from sleeping to dancing to having convulsions. Mesmer did basically what today's hypnotists do in showrooms and at fairs, and what faith healers do in circus tents and churches. Mesmer set up a Magnetic Institute where he had his patients did such things as sit with their feet in a fountain of magnetized water while holding cables attached to magnetized trees. He was later denounced as a fraud by the French medical establishment and by a commission which included Benjamin Franklin.

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Magic Voodoo Spells

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Magic Voodoo Spells Cover

Book: Magic Voodoo Spells by Douglas Hensley

From what I have learned about Spirituality and magic there is one thing to keep in mind, whatever you cast out WILL return to you in some way. Beware, if you are casting spells from this book make sure you are well trained and do not use hexes or curses ever. They are there if you need them but I feel that if you choose a protection or prosperity spell over a curse you will be all the wiser.....Beware, these are real if you do them right, you are responsible for what you cast.

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The Lesser Key Of Solomon Goetia The Book Of Evil Spirits

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The Lesser Key Of Solomon Goetia The Book Of Evil Spirits Cover

Book: The Lesser Key Of Solomon Goetia The Book Of Evil Spirits by Aleister Crowley

Although Crowley's name does not appear in the book, it is actually a pirated version of his edition of the famous grimoire of Talismanic magic, the Lemegeton of Solomon. Crowley first published the book at Boleskine in 1904, under the title 'The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King' in an edition of only 200 copies using Translations which had been prepared by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, his former mentor in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. De Laurence effectively stole it and published it under his own name. De Laurence - who classically exhibited the thieve's paranoia of being robbed himself - copyrighted the book in 1916, but was lax in listing his reprints.

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Grimoirium Imperium Or The Book Of The Old Spirits

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Grimoirium Imperium Or The Book Of The Old Spirits Cover

Book: Grimoirium Imperium Or The Book Of The Old Spirits by John Dee

This is the book of powerful conjurations and subjugations of demons and Gods which dwell in far away places, places which are past north and south, east and west, up and down, places which are even beyond the Earth and the farthest planets, places which are far from the creation of God. The secrets which I shall tell of were not learned until late in my life, when in 1601 I started to translate a manuscript which I had owned for many years, but had not cared much for. I cared not for it because it was given to me by the fraudulent Barnabas Saul as a present to me so that we should part as friends, despite the lies and deceptions he had told to me. I received the manuscript from Saul in 1581 and I kept it in my library for Many Years and would have given it to anyone who asked for it, that was how little I cared for it - oh, how glad I am that I did not part with it, for now I realise how important the text is! In the late days of 1601 I felt curious about the book and wondered if it was as valuable as Saul had told me before we parted company. The manuscript said that it was the word of Abd Al-Hazred, who had learned much of the secret art of Conjuration from avatars and spirits that he met whilst travelling in the desert. When I first practised the rituals which were described in this book, it was then that I realised it's importance, for here was the Most Powerful book ever to be written by mortal hand.

But I bid thee to beware! For the book gripped me with a desire to devote myself completely to it, and I found that I had developed a mania for it. Much of my other writing stopped and all matters of humanity became unimportant to me. This desire for the book made me devote many of my waking hours to it, and I experienced many horrific things, but I also found out many most secret secrets. I wish that I had more time on this mortal plane to study the book, for even now I see that it contains the key to many unfathomable mysteries, including the mysteries of life and death and even the secrets of the Creator himself. Please listen to this final warning before you read further;

The book attracts many demons to it, even now they will be watching you, invisible. I urge that you pray that they are gone and banish each time you turn a page, otherwise you may find yourself overcome by them, which would doubtlessly mean madness and death.

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The Mystery Of Voodoo

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The Mystery Of Voodoo Cover The drumming and chanting goes on hour after hour. A goat and a small pig have their throats cut, and the blood is sprinkled over the worshippers. The animals are then thrown into a pool of brown bubbling mud. Many believers jump into the pond as well.

This is the climax of the voodoo ceremony at the Plaine Du Nord, 300 kilometres north of the Haitian capital Port-Au-Prince. Thousands of voodoo believers come each year as they all say that the saint will help them. This particular ceremony is in honour of Ogou, the spirit of fertility and the earth.

The most important part of voodoo is the actual religious ceremony. After starting out slowly, the voodooist work themselves up to a spiritual and religious frenzy, using such things as dance, music and liquor to help inspire them, but the real question is that Voodoo a religious thing or a satanic thing?? As voodoo is often charged with being fatalistic, Superstitious and involving devil worship.

Voodoo, which is a mixture of Catholicism and ancient African religion. The voodoo faith holds that there is one God, the creator of the universe. Subordinate to this God are the Loas, lesser deities or saints who act as messengers between a voodoo practitioner and God. Voodoos fatalism focuses on how the Loa control the world, wealth, sickness, childbirth, rewards, punishment and many more.

Voodoo believers accept the existence of one God. Below this almighty God spirits (LOA) rule over the worlds affairs in matters of family, love, happiness, justice, wealth, and revenge. The practice of Voodoo involves the blessing of a Voodoo doll to contact the spirits directly, requesting fulfilment in love, finance career matters and many more. It is still believed that the main reason why people turn to practising voodoo or Witchcraft Today is because more and more people are dissatisfied with traditional religious structures and are seeking deeper, and more meaningful Relationships with divinity through alternate methods.

Voodoo, which means ‘Spirit of God’. It’s a system of beliefs originating in Africa. It has over 50 million followers worldwide. Voodoo flourishes in Brazil, Trinidad, Jamaica and Cuba. It is known to be one of the world’s oldest known religions, which have been around in Africa since the beginning of human civilisation. Some people estimate these civilisations and religions to be over 10,000 years old.

Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can bring great gifts and rewards to anyone who believes in it, and who is willing to place his destiny in the hands of the spirits, who are waiting eagerly for your call.

The most popular part of Voodoo is the doll, which is used to represent the spirit of a particular person. You can talk to the doll requesting a change in attitude, influencing the person to act in accordance with your wishes. You can request the doll to call upon powerful forces and then you can perform a simple ritual to fulfil a dream and your desires.

People’s perception of Voodoo rites and rituals are that it’s all evil or malicious, but not many people know that there are healing spells, nature spells, love spells and joyous celebration spells. Spirits can also bring harmony and peace, birth and re-birth, luck, happiness and health. For people who believe it Voodoo is powerful, it is also empowering to the person who practices it.

For anyone who is looking for a solution to a difficult problem, for someone who is trying to sort out a conflict, return a lover or become rich LOA is waiting for your call.

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Santeria African Magic In Latin America

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Santeria African Magic In Latin America Cover

Book: Santeria African Magic In Latin America by Migene Gonzalez Wippier

This is a fascinating book about the author's personal Experiences with Santeria. I have read many of Ms Gonzalez-Wippler's books on the subject and this is one of the best and most famous. There seems to be a great deal of resentment towards this author's work on Santeria mostly because she has been the most popular writer on the religion. As an intiate in the Religion and an educator, I consider her work ground breaking because she was the first to identify the orishas as archetypes of the collective unconscious. She was also the first to write about it in the English language. Her books are used as required reading in universities around the world.Most of the "negative" reviews about her seem to come from the same people. The same names keep coming up in the comments about her work. This is a sad commentary on the people who claim to love and practice Santeria and they should know better.

If you want to learn about the religion called Santeria that is practiced and followed in various forms by 100 million people in the Americas, Gonzalez-Wippler's book is a good place to start. In plain language easy for the layman to comprehend, Gonzalez writes about the history of Santeria, its roots in both African religion and Roman Catholicism (Santeria is a syncretism of both), the Santeria pantheon, Magical Practices and magical spells. She also writes a separate chapter on brujeria, or witchcraft, a malignant offshoot of Santeria but distinctly separate from it. Gonzalez relates how many herbal spells used in Santeria have beneficial medicinal properties, such as the herb higuereta which has been found to shrink malignant tumors, and she also discusses the mindset of those who follow both Santeria and Catholicsm and have no problem integrating both into their lives, since each serves its own purpose. The book doesn't go into great depths, but it's an excellent overview for those who want to explore more deeply into the religion and its beliefs and practices. It also has the advantage of being written in English originally, so that it doesn't risk losing anything in translation. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in Comparative religions and/or the history and culture of Latin America.

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