African Dolls For Play And For Magic

| Wednesday, January 18, 2006 | |
African Dolls For Play And For Magic Cover

Book: African Dolls For Play And For Magic by Esther Dagan

African Dolls across the continent are created for young girls to play with and as a charm to insure fertility in women. Their shape and costume vary according to region and custom. Frequently dolls are handed down from mother to daughter. Western dolls are popular in Africa and are often dressed with traditional garb.

When the concept of "doll" is considered in the context of African culture, they are usually not children's playthings, but rather objects that are laden with ritual and religious associations within the community. African dolls are used to teach, and entertain, they are Supernatural intermediaries, and they are manipulated for ritual purposes. Each of these dolls are unique because they are hand made and are traditionally handed down through generations.

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Luciferian Witchcraft The Mystery Revealed

| Sunday, January 1, 2006 | |
Luciferian Witchcraft The Mystery Revealed Cover

Book: Luciferian Witchcraft The Mystery Revealed by Michael Ford

For more than a decade left hand path and dark withcraft expert Michael W. Ford has labored in the forbidden fields of the dark side of the occult, lit by the pale moon of Luciferian ambition and Satanic drive. The first editions of most of his works are disappearing into private libraries of occult collector's items-and their prices are increasing enormously. With this fact in mind, Luciferian Witchcraft gathers together in one huge compendium many of the shocking rituals and bizarre Initiation rites of black magick that have established Ford as the most cutting-edge exponent of the left hand path tradition in America today. The book begins with a lengthy and highly scholarly exposition of the place of the Draconic adversary within historical magick. This totally unique, enormous tome, available now!

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