Hoodoo Herb And Root Magic

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A love powder is a half teaspoonful of sugar, teaspoonful of peppermint and a teaspoonful of grated candied orange peel; give a teaspoonful of this mixture in a glass of wine and the person will love you forever.

A person can take some of your hair and make you go crazy.

A person can take one of your shoes and bury it and make you walk all the time

A person can make you get very thirsty by putting a whiskey bottle under your porch for three weeks, and then throwing the bottle into a fire which will make you very thirsty for whiskey.

A sure way to hoodoo a person is to catch their eyes when talking to them and don't let them go.

A witch can cure her pain by rubbing sugar, salt, vinegar and hot water over her pain.

A witch doctor can tell if you are bewitched when he looks at you, for if you are, he will see white clouds floating around you.

A witch is one that sells her soul to the devil and she has to keep someone in her power all the time; if not, the devil will make her suffer untold agony.

A woman should take her first urine on Monday morning, put it in a jar and place it under the bed for nine days and it will hold her husband.

Always carry a black cat's bone in your pocket, if you think someone is bewitching you.

As you eat the wing of a chicken, take the little bone that is near the end and drop it into the pocket of the fellow you are going with, without him knowing it, and he will ask you to marry him.

Boil a black cat until all the meat comes off and take the bones to the four corners of the road and you will meet the devil.

Burn a black cat up and there will be one bone that will not burn up; that is called the lucky bone, and if you carry that bone you will never have bad luck.

Burn your shoes as soon as you are through with them and you will never be bewitched.

Bury some hair from the top of your husband's head under the front doorstep and he will never leave home for good.

Bury your husband's shoes in the front yard with the toes toward the door and he will never leave you.

Carrying a rabbit's foot keeps all evil away.

Clean out the stables between Christmas and New Years, and the witches will not hurt your stock during the year.

Cut some hair from your private hair and some from your man's head, and tie it all together to wear in your left shoe and make him crazy about you.

Every seven years the witches come to life.

Get a pair of old shoes and put pepper inside, then send them to a person and it will give them the rheumatism.

Grave dust is what a witch uses to hoodoo you, and you will conquer her if you get some and wear it.

Hang black coats over all the outside doors at night, to keep witches out of the house at night.

If you don't want your man to talk to another woman, take a nail and drive it at the end of his heel prints, and he will run from her the next time he sees her.

If you take a strand of hair out of a person's head and wear it in your pocket for two days, it will give that person the headache.

If your husband is running around, take some of his hair and a piece of his necktie and put them in a bottle, then throw that in the river; and when that necktie rots, that will change him.

If a hoodoo person wants to show you something, let them put their own hand on it, for if you touch it they can poison you.

If a man carry a gun all the time, he will kill someone soon; because a gun can hoodoo him.

If a man get your hair and put it in a bottle of vinegar, it will make you crawl on your stomach for him.

If a man loves you and you love him, don't let him get a strand of your hair; for if you do, he will run you crazy.

If a man sees a woman he wants, he can get her by taking a picture of her and sleeping with it face down under his head for a week; and she will look for him until she finds where he lives.

If a man wants to get rid of his wife, he should make a hole in a tree, then put her monthly rags in that hole and stop it up; which will kill the tree and his wife will die.

If a man wants to run a woman crazy, he can take a strand of her hair and wear it in his shoes for a week.

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