Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration

| Sunday, September 13, 2009 | |
Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration Cover

Book: Ritualcraft Creating Rites For Transformation And Celebration by Azrael Arynn

This is extremely informative AND entertaining to read! It's a hefty book and its packed with excellent ideas for rituals, as well as some interesting Historical facts about different kinds of rituals from various cultures. I can't say enough, that if you're interested in learning more about rituals, or if you're a ritual crafter yourself, you won't regret buying this book.

This is the book on ritual that we have been needing for years. Whether you are new to ritual, or an adept ritualist, there is something in here for everybody. As a Witch, Priest, and teacher, I found this book to be a treasure. This book will not only teach you how to create rituals, but it also walks you through the parts of ritual, and prompts individuality in their creation. Plus, the authors share their own wonderful (and horrible)experiences, making this book down to earth and real.

A great reference book to add to your bookshelf! Amber and Azrael have done it again! Thanks for publishing this very useful book! Very highly recommended!

Azrael Arynn K is a third-degree Wiccan Priestess and High Priest of the Coven of Our Lady of the Woods, and has also held offices in the Covenant of the Goddess. She resides in New Mexico, where she is both Facilities Director and Dean of the School of Sacred Living at Ardantane Pagan Learning Center. She co-authors books on the Craft with Amber K, and travels and teaches widely throughout the United States.

Amber K is a third degree priestess of the Wiccan faith. She was initiated at the Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago and served on the Council of Elders there. Her books on magick and the Craft have been widely circulated in the United States and Europe, and for nearly 25 years she has traveled across the U.S. teaching the Craft. She has worked with Circle and the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, and served as National First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess for three terms. She is a founder of Our Lady of the Woods and the Ladywood Tradition of Wicca, and currently is Executive Director of Ardantane, a Wiccan/Pagan seminary is northern New Mexico.

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Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook

| Saturday, September 5, 2009 | |
Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook Cover

Book: Hoodoo Voodoo And Conjure A Handbook by Jeffrey Anderson

The author of this well-put-together book knows that the occult practices imported from Africa to the New World, especially the Caribbean and, although widespread in its influence, has not been well documented in the academic world. Therefore, Professor Anderson has collated what does exist, written informative essays to cover broad general areas, explained what is and is not clear or available in the current literature, and given extensive Bibliographies for researchers and interested students to follow up on and do larger studies in the future.

This is a good reference book for learning about the practice of these three nontraditional healing, helping, and harming techniques. . . . The work provides an in-depth look at the practices. It can serve as somewhat of a how-to guide for anyone interested in becoming involved with them. . . . The book serves as a teaching tool that explains which herbs or portions to use for various needs. . . . The volume is Recommended for religious or medical collections focusing on nontraditional Spiritual practices. Its accessible style makes it a good source for interested general adult readers as well.

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