Protection And Reversal Magick A Witch Defense Manual

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Book review: Protection And Reversal Magick A Witch Defense Manual by Jason Miller

Jason Miller's Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch's Defense Manual, is a fine book that I could recommend, without reservation, to anyone with an interest in magick and witchcraft that goes beyond the typical Wicca 101 books so prevalent in every chain bookstore in America. It dives head first into a topic that is almost never mentioned in so many books on witchcraft, and that is that there is some risk associated with magickal practice.

It's an all too common problem with many books on witchcraft to completely gloss over or sugar coat the idea that magick is real and can effect you negatively as well as positively in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Protection and Reversal Magick is a well done book, for both the novice or the experienced. The author's conversational tone (and occasional humor) is much appreciated. I found that even in just the reading of the book, the principles and ideas seemed to help and I like that the meditations or spells, if you prefer, can be done virtually anywhere at any time. Preferably, of course, you would prefer to be alone to concentrate, but in an emergency you gotta do what you gotta do...The information on how to tell whether you are the recipient of a psychic attack is invaluable.

This book does not strip down or sugar coat its contents to appeal to the dabbling magician. That being said, it does book provides a practical, easy to understand, step by step guide to magical protection that can be put into use really by anyone with a desire to try. In other words it delivers exactly what it promises, the information you need to help you protect yourself from outside forces as well as conditions brought on by your own actions. It draws from a variety of sources without the all too common pit fall of "being eclectic for eclectic's sake". It also provides many new spells and ideas straight from the author's practice. Not only does this give you a great starting point from which to begin working from but also gives you a head start from which to do your own further research into the topics presented if you wanted to. In addition to being grounded in tried and true methods, this book is able to appeal to all readers by not being grounded in one tradition or religion and instead focusing on the craft and techniques of magick.

This book is an excellent guide to using protection magic. It helped me to obtain peace in my life. I always felt that hiddent forces were influencing me, making me angry and belligerent. Since I began using the practices outlined in the book I have become much more calm and relaxed. I recommend Protection and Reversal Magick to anyone dabbling in the magical realm.

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