Bringing A Poppet To Life

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Bringing A Poppet To Life Cover
Once you have made the poppet or dollie, you will want to 'christen' it and give it life. Here are two suggestions as to how that might be done:

* Making the sign of a cross over the poppet,

using your dominant hand,

say the following:

(POPPET'S NAME) YOU " AND (POPPET'S NAME) TO "* Point into the head and heart of the poppet

and say with conviction

* Hold the poppet between your hands,

the poppet should be resting on your non-dominant hand,

and say the following:

You will think what I tell you to think,

Walk where I tell you to walk,

Talk when I tell you to talk,

Do what I tell you to,

Go where I send you,

And speak when you're spoken to.

As I have said" SHALL IT BE.

Source: Labonadea

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