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Secrets Of Voodoo Cover

Book: Secrets Of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud

While most books on voodoo major on 'curses' 'voodoo dolls' spells and other Hollywood-prescribed stereotypes, this book is a very informative and helpful study of roots practices and one of only a handful I would really recommend on voodoo - the others being Voodoo Visions, Divine Horsemen (Maya Deren), Vodou Shaman (Ross Heaven) and Mama Lola (Karen Brown). In this book we have an intelligent yet very readable overview of a normally secretive Tradition and one that the world needs to hear more about.

Milo Rigaud gives a deep and rich account of Vodou. Using theories from geometry, psychology, anthropology, and other academic sources, Rigaud paints a picture of Vodou unlike any other. His interpretations, while academic and hard to follow at times, give a unique glimpse at how an "earth religion" can be a deep and rich spiritual well, concealing gems of hidden wisdom, profound thought, and beautiful insight.

This is an EXCELLENT book Secrets of Voodoo gives a comprehensive overview of the origins, history, theology, beliefs and practices of Haitian voodoo. Includes many B&W photographs of voodoo Ceremonies and drawing of voodoo "veves" (graphic Representations of the gods, used in ceremonies). This is one of those books that you will find yourself reading over and over again.

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