Black Magic Is What

| Monday, July 18, 2005 | |
Black Magic Is What Cover This kind of magic is used when you want to do some very, very bad things. Black magic users usually do it to do bad things such as hurting someone. Even more, you can usually or you also use black magic for your own personal happiness.

What do you call people that practice black magic? Female Practitioners are called witches. Males who do practice black magic are called warlocks.

Have you ever noticed how some people like to debate on almost every subject? Well, the differences you can notice between black and White Magic are not spared. Theories are also abundant to explain the differences between white magic and black magic. Here are three theories that try to explain it: the all in one theory, the no connection theory and finally there is the separate but equal theory.

First theory: all as one

The “all as one” theory, is based on the belief the all magic is evil and that’s that. To be more precise all magic is dark magic. Don’t even try to convince the believers of this theory that white magic is good because at simply wont work with them. Magic is bad end of the line whether white or black. This is the view of many major religions in our society today. To name only a few of these religions and believers of that religion are: the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists even those who believe in Islam and Judaism. The general consensus is that the people who associate themselves with black magic are devil worshipers therefore they are Satanists.

Second theory: no connection

The “no connection” theory recognizes that both magic black as well as white are different sorts of magic. The major difference is that the only similarities they share are that they are magic. Besides that point, they are totally different. In fact they are so different from each other that you can’t really compare them. They are also very different the way they are done, however in the end both magic can have effects that seem equal. If you look at most magic movies like Harry Potter for example, this theory is proven many, many times throughout the film.

Final and third theory: separate but equal

In the magical world there is a belief that magic may be different in essence but in the beginning, everything starts off the same. It means that white and black magic are both neutral. Where they stand out from each other and tell whether they are good or bad magic is how they are going to be used in the end. Again, most major religions mentioned in the first theory are also strong believers in this one also.

If you would like to have more detail on this kind of magic there are three options available to you. The first one is obviously through books at a book store, next is an esoteric store and last but not least the ever so popular internet.

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