New Orleans Daily Picayune Story

| Thursday, June 26, 2008 | |
New Orleans Daily Picayune Story Cover In a New Orleans Daily Picayune story, dated August 13, 1863, simply called, "A Snake Story", a young woman by the name of Susan Williams claims to have snakes inhabiting her belly. She alleges that she had become the victim of a Voodoo curse. She had gone to several Practitioners obtaining roots and herbs to rid her of the dreaded Serpent. The results of her endeavors were quite shocking. Rather than expel a snake from her belly she gave birth to a baby. She attributed the pregnancy to Witchcraft and "expressed her opinion that a child brought unto the breathing world would never come to good." In the morning the baby was dead. Ms. Williams died the following day in Charity hospital.

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Spirit Guide A New Life Guide

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Spirit Guide A New Life Guide Cover

Book: Spirit Guide A New Life Guide by Raym

The contents of this book have formed the basis of many hours of interesting discussion. Raym is a lightworker and Crystal Master and he practises in Byron Bay and by appointment in Sydney. I recommend a session with him. But what do you do if you do not know any switched on, respected, intelligent, effective healers and spirit workers? Where does one find out about the link between human beings, the spirit world and the physical world? This book is a good starting point. Throughout the book are concepts and possible Experiences which may seem far out or impossible to anyone who has no previous exposure to them. There are challenging thoughts on matters ranging from the spiritual hierarchy to why you should watch less TV. It introduces the “New Age” and deals with aliens and angels, the Miraculous and the mundane. The emphasis is on trying things for yourself in a safe and supportive environment. The point of it all is to make Your Life more fulfilling, joyful and balanced.

We create our own realities. What does yours look like? Is it perfect? If you want to know more about “Reality” and how to change it then I recommend that you read on. After you read parts one and two of this book you will be ready to
try some of the healing modalities described and listed in alphabetical order, in the third part. Naturally, reading about these things is not a patch on experiencing them for yourself. If you want change and growth in your life, jump in and try a few, being guided always by your higher self and your heart. Knowing Raym has changed my life. I hope this book will change yours. Kim Fraser, July 1997

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