Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals

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Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals Cover

Book: Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals by Ray Malbrough

Conjuring money and attracting love, reversing hexes and stopping slander-it's all in a day's work for the Hoodoo practitioner. This is true American folk magic, colorful and powerful, yet little-known outside of the bayous and backwoods of Louisiana.

The Hoodoo Mysteries by Ray T. Malbrough is really great. Combined with his other two books it is easy to see a pattern that he unfolds in his own personal teaching. I own all Three Books he has written and apply many of the Principles he teaches with my own clients. I do get results. I have also written to him care of Llwewllyn asking for advice and got it. The Information he gives in The Hoodoo Mysteries really helps when you go into the Botanicas to buy supplies because you know what the products are used for and do not have to ask a clerk who may not really know anything. I can't see how someone can call this book scandalous unless they are jealous of his fame and popularity. On page 98 Ray Malbrough says, "People sometimes consult more than one card reader, which can lead to a rivalry between readers who are competing with each other for the loyalty of their clients." This I know is true statement. His history in the beginning of the book is correct. The material on spiritual baths is really great. I like the way he makes comparisons in the similarities with other religions in The Hoodoo mysteries and honestly tells you what the differences are. The Hoodoo Musteries is a MUST Read.

Let Ray Malbrough take you deep inside the Hoodoo mysteries. You'll learn the secrets of root working and magical baths, the Head Pot and the Medium's necklace. You'll discover how to divine the future with playing cards and cowrie shells, and how to work with the spirits of the dead. Step inside a world of magic and intrigue you never knew existed-enter the hidden world of the Hoodoo.

Ray T. Malbrough was born in New Orleans and was raised in the "Pays des Cajuns" Region of southeastern Louisiana. He learned the basics of hoodoo in his early teens with the permission and encouragement of his mother. At age 19, he started working in a New Orleans tearoom as a reader/advisor, and has since earned a good reputation as a Hoodoo worker all over the region surrounding his hometown of Houma. He is a 1982 graduate of the Seax-Wica Seminary founded and directed by Dr. Raymond Buckland. The author is active in the parapsychology Association in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Today, Ray is a full time reader/advisor and hoodoo worker in his home in Houma.

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