Another Day And Another Democratic Voodoo Outrage

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Another Day And Another Democratic Voodoo Outrage Cover As the epidemic of voodoo and witchcraft threatens to engulf our nation the Obama campaign has yet to to respond. Why is the Obama campaign remaining silent on the issue of witchcraft in America? What are we to infer from his guilty silence?

Obama has no strategy to deal with witchcraft, indeed if Obama does get elected anybody could become the victim of a voodoo attack – what will Obama do to curb rampant witchcraft and voodoo on the streets of America? In an Obama presidency, almost anybody could fall victim to a voodoo curse – people like Woody Thompson, a patriotic Republican whose only crime was to run for public office:

Cobb County GA, Democratic Commissioner Annette Kesting today repeatedly denied accusations from a South Carolina “voodoo priestess” that Kesting wrote $3,000 in bad checks for the woman’s services.

George Ann Mills said Kesting approached her at home in Blythewood, S.C., in late August seeking otherworldly help against Republican Woody Thompson, who beat Kesting in the primary runoff vote for the District 4 seat representing southwest Cobb.

Unlike Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin, by contrast have promised to make witch-hunting a priority – it’s the number three issue after fighting the war on terror and ending abortion. If elected Senator McCain will appoint Governor Palin to be chief witch-finder. She will organize the biggest ever witch-hunt in Washington to purge our Capitol of voodo-priests and fake Christians such as Barrack Hussein Obama.

Fact File: It’s not racist to point out that Negros may be practicing voodoo and witchcraft in your community today. If you see an African American speaking quietly to himself he could be casting a voodoo curse on you or you or your kids. What have the Democrats in Congress done to protect us from this threat: Absolutely nothing.

America once had a proud tradition of witch-hunting – but the liberal elite have conspired to end this traditional practice. As a result our witch-hunting expertise has been lost. The liberals want us to think that it’s OK to be a witch and cast curses. To them witchcraft is just another “lifestyle” to be celebrated in their orgy of multiculturalism.

This is probably what Barrack Hussein Obama looks like when he wears the ceremonial costume of a voodoo priest.

We at STR feel that it is a national embarrassment that in order to control the epidemic of witchcraft we may have to import experts from other nations, particularly Africa where Sarah Palin’s Pastor Muthee has been waging a one-man war against the godlessness of his fellow Negroes. While we dislike the idea of even more immigration, it is plan to see that the Demoncrats have left an entire nation vulnerable to the curses of witches.

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A Brief History Of Voodoo

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A Brief History Of Voodoo Cover Vodun is sometimes called Voodoo, Vodoun, or Vodou. Religions related to Vodun are: Candomble, Lucumi, Macumba, and Yoruba). New Orleans Voodoo is a conglomeration of cultural and spiritual belief systems strongly influenced by the ancient Voodoo religion of Africa, the Vodou religion of Haiti, the healing arts of Native American people, the folk magic of Europe, and Catholicism. Voodoo is culture, heritage, philosophy, art, dance, language, medicine, music, justice, power, storytelling & ritual. Voodoo is a way of looking at and dealing with life. It heals and destroys, is both good and bad, and is simple in concept and complex in practice. Voodoo reflects the duality of the nature of the rattlesnake; its poison is toxic but its poison is needed to heal the same toxin. Voodoo is open to all yet holds many secrets & mysteries to those who are uninitiated.

Voodoo has its roots in the trauma of many people. It originated from the African ancestors who were brought to the Caribbean in bondage. Christopher Columbus set the stage in 1492 for the development of Voodoo when countless Tainos were murdered in an attempt to enslave them during the colonization of Hispaniola. With a lack of indigenous people to function as slaves, and the cost of European servants prohibitive, the slave trade between West and Central Africa began (Long, 2000).

In 1697 the French acquired one third of Hispaniola and worked the slaves literally to death. The average survival rate of slaves at that time was only about 10 years. This made the slave population ripe for continual replenishment, and the slave population grew from several thousand to half a million. The slave population was extremely diverse with many different tribes representing many religions, languages, and belief systems. It is during this time of the French occupation that the basic structure of Voodoo as we know it today developed.

The colonizers believed that by separating families and individual nations, the slave population would not unite as one people. On the contrary, the Africans found commonalities in their belief systems and religions and began invoking their own spirits and practicing each other’s religious rites. In addition, the surviving Taino Indians exerted some influence over the practice of Voodoo, especially in the area of the healing arts. As well, the indentured servants of Europe brought their folk magic, which was incorporated into the Voodoo religion. The Roman Catholic Church, ever finding ways to convert people to the church, and the entity to which the French answered, insisted on treating the slaves better and had them baptized and instructed in the practice of Catholicism (Hanger, 1997). The slave population soon began to mask their rituals and beliefs in Catholicism. It is the conglomeration and syncretism of these diverse cultural belief systems that comprised the first Creole religion and makes Voodoo what it is today.

To make a very long story short, the slaves eventually rebelled and drove out the French and the Catholic Church. Years of oppression and persecution followed, with the Voodoo considered Satanism by the Catholic church and evangelical Protestants. This caused Voodoo to go underground and flourish. The Catholic church eventually made peace with the Voodoo and it is now accepted as an established religion.

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The Book Of Shadows The Unofficial Charmed Companion

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The Book Of Shadows The Unofficial Charmed Companion Cover

Book: The Book Of Shadows The Unofficial Charmed Companion by Ngaire Genge

The ultimate guide to the hit program Charmed, this is both a book of spells and a key to the mysteries of the show. The book of shadows celebrates the best of Charmed, from its roots in the ancient tradition of Wicca to insider information on the show's stars. N.E. Genge not only provides fascinating background details for the show's Wiccan elements, but also guides readers in performing their own magic. Fans with a witchy bent will learn about the tools of magic and divination and the casting of spells. Recipes and rituals -- from those that beckon love or bless a new business venture to those that bequeath strength or bestow fortune -- are all included. The book of shadows is a sassy celebration of witches, sisterhood, and magic.

This book has not been prepared, approved, licensed, endorsed, or in any way authorized by any entity that created or produced Charmed. Charmed is a fun show and remarkably unobjectionable to wiccans and other followers of alternative spiritual paths. The secret seems to be that no matter how much nonsense there is in it, it is true to the spirit and never harms. This book does a great job of distinguishing authentic traditions from the TV made-up stuff, and can introduce a novice (who might think "witchcraft" and "magic" look pretty cool, from watching the show, and wants an easy how-to guide) to the true traditions underlying the show - without giving too much away, either. After all, if you want real magic, you have to do it yourself, every step of the way, and you can't get that from a book; but the book is surprisingly good at conveying that concept. At the same time, for those who just want to know more about the show, this isn't an authorized book, but it has enough details from the show in it to satisfy most fans. Good job! If you just watch the show for the heck of it. this will enlighten you to the reality of wicca, which is something i wish i could do more, either way, wiccan or not, there is stuff about charmed all the way through, and you'll learn a lot about the most controversial part of the fastest growing religion in america also, magick. Definetly reccomended.

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