Candle Spell For Attracting Romantic Prospects

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This simple spell will put a strong force of Magick Energy at work for you, even while you sleep. Your belief, desire, and focus will be set to work to influence your fate - bringing romantic prospects to you one after another, until a connection is made.

It is a very easy wiccan spell, but

Don't let it's simplicity fool you - it works extremely well as long as you are familiar with all of the techniques I have shown you previously in this book.

First, of course, prepare your external sacred space, and cast your Magick circle around your altar. Then

On a Thursday during a waxing Moon, in the first hour after sunset:

Light a purple candle and place it before a bowl of water.

Hold a mirror up to the candle, the water, and then to your face. Gaze into your own eyes. Concentrate on your beauty, your lovability, and your desirability.

Hold the mirror up to the candle again.

Say Aloud:

"In the grace of the universe

And in the abundance of love,

I affirm I am greatly desirable

And open to the bounty of love around me.

The flow of love, romance, and partnership is ever abundant,

And in line with the greater good, I create and attract romance."

With your fingers, put water on the top of your head, in your mouth, and on your heart center. Blow out the candles.

Spell For A Long & Happy Relationship

When you have found someone special, someone you are falling in love with - this spell will increase the bond between you and that person.

It does not "force" the bond, but rather magnifies each of your good qualities so that the other can see them more easily. Once everything good about you is magnified, the other person naturally grows more and more fond of you.

First, of course, prepare your external sacred space, and cast your Magick circle around your altar. Then

On a Friday during the third hour of darkness:

Place a potted cyclamen in the room, and water the plant.

Light three candles: deep red purple, and white.

Say Aloud: "I ask the goddess Branwen to bestow

True love on my union with (insert name)."

Breathe your love into your heart. Place the red candle in front of the other candles.

"I ask that this be done for the greater good/

So be it.

And so it is."

Gaze at the flames in each candle, and when you are ready, blow them out.

Love Magick Summary

Remember that it is important for you to be grounded in the basics of Magick and Witchcraft before you attempt any serious Love Magicks. Because desire and emotion are tied so strongly to Love, the spells can have some unpredictable results if you haven't practiced the basic secrets of real Witchcraft.

My Witchcraft Home Academy will Not only will you get step-by-step guidance on almost every part of Witchcraft, but I will hold your hand through 7 DVD's of Magick demonstrations (including dozens of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced love spells for almost every need and desire)

And please remember the section on your Witchcraft ethics and responsibilities. Think twice before EVER casting a spell to affect someone's free will. It really can come back to haunt you later in life (in the form of frustrated relationships, bad "karma" and other unpredictable things).

Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on wiccan spells visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site"

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