A Witch Like Me The Spiritual Journeys Of Today Pagan Practitioners

| Wednesday, December 5, 2007 | |
A Witch Like Me The Spiritual Journeys Of Today Pagan Practitioners Cover

Book: A Witch Like Me The Spiritual Journeys Of Today Pagan Practitioners by Sirona Knight

Right off the top let me say that I hope this book inspires another one or two in the same line, although perhaps not limited to book authors. I love the idea of learning more about some of the background of some of the “big names” in Paganism. Of course, some of the people I would most like to read about are deceased, but perhaps there are close associates who could provide the data for “posthumous interviews.” In another vein, perhaps a book of Fictional biographies could be assembled for the likes of Harry Potter, Sabrina, Samantha (“Bewitched”) Stevens, the “Charmed” sisters, etc.

It is difficult to critique a book like this, other than on technical grounds, since it is composed of individual life stories and opinions. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter if they match up with mine or not. So, I find myself in the position of not being able to disagree with any of the statements contained within this book.

Perhaps the only legitimate criticism I can level at this book, if it is that, is that of the fourteen authors presented here (Dorothy Morrison, Phyllis Currot, Raymond Buckland, Z. Budapest, Marion Weinstein, Patricia Telesco, Raven Grimassi, Lady Sabrina, Skye Alexander, A.J. Drew, Silver Ravenwolf, Timothy Roderick, and Sirona Knight), there are only a few who are “Old Timers” (i.e., their first published work came out 20 or more years ago). Even that, however, merely reflects the author’s choice to Deal With those individuals who have stood up for their beliefs, and who are still on the cutting edge of the evolving religion of Wicca.

This is a fun book. No, you won’t learn any deep, dark secrets. There are no skeletons in the closet being revealed. And of course, each author presents themselves in the best possible light,. That is human nature and no one can be faulted for that.

It is a book worth reading, because it shows that Wiccans are very human, and that some of us are willing to stand up and take our lumps for our beliefs. Wiccan authors are becoming more visible, and their books more viable. If you want to know more about the works of these authors, they are listed in the appendix. That appendix could form the basis for a decent “wish list” to improve your library.

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Learn The Secrets Of How To Voodoo

| Tuesday, November 27, 2007 | |
Learn The Secrets Of How To Voodoo Cover Voodoo emerged in West Sahara and is constructed on African ideology from Nigeria, Benin, and Togo everywhere the Yobura people dwell. The word Voodoo is derived the west African word, "Vodun," meaning "phantom."
Voodoo worshipers have faith in one God. Devotees are in touch with God with the help of the Loa, (spirits.) The Loa are to Voodoo what the Saints mean to Catholics. The Loa are duty-bound for everyday Experiences in life. The 1700 & 1800's brought numberless slaves from Africa to the Caribbean islands to work on cotten plantations. The slaves brought along their vodu and traditions. Ceremonies were constructed of communal song, drumming, dancing, chanting, and the sacrifice of creatures. Plantation owners pictured them to be savages and attempted to Christianize the slaves. Being that there were many similarities between the religions, Catholicism was worked into the Voodoo practice. The 1700's saw the arrival of enslavement, along with the slaves' religion of vodu, to New Orleans. Over many years, Voodoo in Louisiana changed and evolved to what is now known as "Louisiana Voodoo."

Well known people in Voodoo?

The oldest Voodoo queen in New Orleans is DeDe Sainte'. She arrived from Santo Domingo and allegedly bought her freedom. Sainte' held rites in her garden on Dumaine St. She would become an inspiration to Marie Laveau, New Orleans most celebrated Voodoo queen. There are plentiful misconceptions whenabout the practice of voodoo. Some of these include human sacrifices, cannibalism, the power to turn into animals, worshiping Satan, andbringing people back to life. In absoluteness, Voodoo is a extraordinarily spiritual religion whereas devotees work towards achieving a higher state of consciousness. All around the world today, Voodoo is practiced by millions of people all around the world.

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Vodu is rather interesting, and like all magical workings voodoo uses a tool to assist in projecting the energy the user harnesses, the tool vodu practicioners choose is a doll, the voodoo doll is just a tool to direct energy, keep a eye open for my next artical on voodoo dolls, andhow you can create one at homeone with a basic love spell...

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What You Need To Know Before Learning Voodoo

| Monday, August 27, 2007 | |
What You Need To Know Before Learning Voodoo Cover There is more propaganda about Voodoo than there is about how many nukes are ready to be launched into the stratosphere. In this article, I’m vacant to try to separate some of the fact from the fiction. It isn’t simple to do for a variety of reasons, some of which you may be more than well aware of.

At the top of the list of offenders is Hollywood. Movie makers have long been misrepresenting the Voodoo faith (yes, it is a faith) since the days of Bela Lugosi in Voodoo Man made in 1944. This is the stereotypical movie of the pins in dolls misconception that people have about Voodoo. Not all Voodoo is about black magic. It is not all terrible. As with anything else, there is excellent and terrible in Voodoo. White Magic in Voodoo is just as common. It just isn’t as talked about because it isn’t as controversial and titillating.

Small do most people know, again mostly due to all the propaganda and Hollywood’s perpetuation of the myths, is that there are really several forms of Voodoo including Haitian Vodou, Louisiana Voodoo, and West African Vodun, which is probably the one people most identify with, even even if it itself is grossly misrepresented. The amount of factual Information online about any of these forms is sparse to say the least.

Voodoo black magic is what is most in material form in the movies and throughout literature. The reason is obvious. It’s like the tale about a crowd of people on foot by a lady feeding pigeons in the park. Nobody stops to notice. But walk past a 10 car pileup on the freeway and everybody stops. Traffic backs up for miles. Evil is always more fascinating than excellent.

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all this. The reason is simple. Voodoo is more than just black magic. There is a lot of excellent that Voodoo can do, including really healing people of their sins and diseases. If one goes into the culture of this discipline looking only for the terrible and to cause harm, they are missing the whole point and missing a huge part of the Voodoo faith.

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Casting Hexes Curses Black Magic And Voodoo

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Casting Hexes Curses Black Magic And Voodoo Cover It's a problem encountered time and again: an inexperienced person, finding themselves with the need to cast black magic, makes an attempt to ask to more experienced pagans how to do so only to be turned away by fluffy-bunny new-agers ranting about "karma" and "the rule of three."

There is good news for those in the market to cast harmful Black Magic Spells but still lacking the know-how. The fact is, not all magic is of a religious nature. Much traditional folk magic and witchcraft spells were devised for use outside of religion, particularly in areas where the mainstream churches disapproved of such practices. Indeed, in a world of free religious choice, there is no reason a person can't be allowed to perform "evil" black magic spells if they so desire.

The aspiring spellcaster made of strong stuff can still fight the fight and try to ask for first-hand information amongst the Pagan Community, hoping to find real spells. However, the type of person who requires revenge spells in the first place is often a person whose feelings are easily hurt; as such, the ill-treatment they receive from the people they go to for magickal help merely enhances their desire for such harmful magic. Quite counter-productive!

Those who wish to avoid judgments and scoldings, then, are advised to turn to the helpful world of occult books.

One of the latest spellbooks with real spells focused on the subject of harmful black magic is Death and Destruction: How to Cast Magic Spells for Vengeance, Harm, &c. It is designed with practitioners of modern hoodoo folk magic in mind. As a result, it does occasionally make references to Christianity and its beliefs, but does not particularly expect the reader to follow them. The spells tend toward religiously neutral witchcraft, and often make use of popular conjure formulas with names like Crossing Powder, Revenge Oil, Zula Zula, and Goofer Dust available from botanicas, candle stores and curio shops.

The following is an example of one of the more than forty real spells the book provides, used here with permission of the author:

To Ruin the Happiness of Your Spell-Target

Bottle or Jar
Paper with enemy's name written 9 times
Goofer Dust
Black Salt
Red Wine Vinegar

Begin by rubbing the name-paper thoroughly with Goofer Dust, while cursing your enemy. Shake off the paper, and place it into the jar.
Fill the jar a portion of the way with Black Salt, and say "__(name)__, this destroys your luck." Then top it off with the Red Wine Vinegar, and say, "__(name)__, this sours your fortune." Tightly cap the jar, and give it a thorough shaking: the contents will combine into a black sludge. Dispose of the jar in a graveyard.

The fact is that we live in a golden age for spellcasters. No more are magic spell books printed at the mercy of what a publisher imagines will be popular or acceptable to a mainstream pagan market. New print-on-demand technology has allowed many authors to release their spell books to the public. Death and Destruction is a shining example of this, and is sure to benefit those who purchase it.

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Evocation Of Bartzabel The Spirit Of Mars

| Tuesday, June 19, 2007 | |
Evocation Of Bartzabel The Spirit Of Mars Cover

Book: Evocation Of Bartzabel The Spirit Of Mars by Aleister Crowley

Ceremonie d'evocation de l'Esprit de Mars, Bartzabeln realise par Crowley & d'autres membres de l'A.A. au printemps de 1910. Cette version, helas incomplete car le Journal de Crowley est en partie perdu, annonce, entre autre, l'arrivee des deux grandes guerres mondiales, 1914 - 1918 & 1939 - 1945. Mais aussi de nombreuses revelations concernant l'aeuvre meme de Crowley. Un document interressant sur les Techniques de Magie evocatoire.

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The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants

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The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants Cover

Book: The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants by Ilmu Khodam

One of the most interesting occult arts to be found in Islamic occultism is what the local practitioners here in Indonesia call "Ilmu Khodam" The word ilmu (pron. "eel-moo") literally means "knowledge." In Indonesian shamanism, ilmu particularly refers to a specific occult art -its theory, practice, and the resultant power or ability--emphasis is especially placed on power. Khodam (pron. "kho-dum") or Khadam, an Arabic word as is "ilmu," may be translated as "servant." In al-Hikmah, one of the terms for occult science in Islam, the word khodam refers to an acquired familiar spirit, unlike Qarin, which is a companion spirit one is born with. These khodam familiars, are not animal spirits, or at least, they do not normally appear in animal form, unlike the familiars of wicca and shamanism. Generally speaking, the khodams are said to be specialized spirits of the angelic/jinn class, though some occult practitioners explain that khodams are specifically the angelic servants embodied and guarding the letters of the Arabic alphabet, and even the Asma ul-Husna--the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. A minority of practitioners believe them to be intermediate spirits between angels and jinns.

From the foregoing information, we may define "Ilmu Khodam" to be the occult art of conjuring and acquiring invisible helpers to assist in one's magickal operations. The nature and spiritual level of the khodams that the occult practitioner acquire is dependent upon his/her own spiritual attainment. Not all khodams have the same powers or to the same degree. The master of a khodam would have to inquire the spirit familiar regarding its speciality, nature, class, origin, and other pertinent matters. Khodams are said to be charismatic, have powerful presences, with strong personalities and revealing identities. They are also highly intelligent and communicative. They have a calm nature and their words are filled with wisdom. Khodams normally appear in robes. Several years ago, the writer of this article was initiated into the methods of Ilmu Khodam by one of its modern pioneers here in Indonesia.

Acknowledging that the above specific explanation regarding khodams are correct, in addition, these spirits, according to our initiator, are actually one of the earliest created (emanated?) beings and are a class of their own--they do not belong to either groups of angels and jinns. Their have a benign nature and have sworn to serve only for good purposes so that they might acquire merit and evolve further, perhaps allowing them to attain a higher spiritual status permitting them to approach closer to the Throne. These khodams were "created" to be the guardians and helpers of humanity. They possess wonderful powers, although circumscribed by cosmic law. They are programmed to assist those who would first take the initiative to help themselves, and those who are in dire straits. Perhaps angelic assistance that people are experiencing all over the world are khodamic-activity.It is believed by practitioners of Ilmu Khodam that most spiritual adepts in the past possessed khodams, and that it is possible to invoke the energies of these khodams or even persuade them to become one's magickal companion. Adepts of the past leave behind them magickal energies permeating their physical remains and possessions and even in their khodams. Acquiring these energies could increase the practitioner's powers. The shamans in Indonesia often seek the left-over power of an adept wielded by their khodam; they also believe that sometimes it is the khodam that seeks for a worthy vessel. Thus, there are cases where uninterested individuals in magick suddenly possess remarkable occult or psychic abilities after an illness or a traumatic event--many shamans are born this way..

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The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals

| Thursday, May 3, 2007 | |
The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals Cover

Book: The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals by Johannes Trithemius

The Magic and philosophy of TRITHEMIUS OF SPANHEIM; Containing his book of SECRET THINGS, and DOCTRINE OF SPIRITS with many curious and rare secrets (hitherto not generally known;) THE ART OF Drawing Spirits Into CRYSTALS

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The First Voodoo Queen In New Orleans

| Monday, April 9, 2007 | |
The First Voodoo Queen In New Orleans Cover The first Voodoo Queen in New Orleans was Sanite’ DeDe, a young woman from Santo Domingo who bought her way to freedom in New Orleans. She would hold rituals in her courtyard on Dumaine and Chartres Streets, just blocks away from the Cathedral. The rhythmic beat of the drums could be heard in during mass! It was because of this that in 1817, the church decided that any religion that was not Catholic would not be allowed to practice within the city limits. Congo Square, now Armstrong Park was the location that the early Voodouns held their rituals. In February 1932, the Times Picayune printed an article about these rituals telling of “wild and uncontrolled orgies” and “serpent worship”.

Police who actually arrested participants frequently broke up rituals! In 1863, the Times Picayune recorded the trial of one such arrest. Approximately 400 women were arrested and tried for the crime of “dancing naked” at a Voodoo ritual. A young woman had reported the crime to the police after accidentally walking into the area. After three days of trials, the women were released for “lack of evidence”. It seems that the girl who reported the “crime” had become strangely confused and was unable to testify properly against them. The charges were dropped. Many believed that the Voodouns hexed the girl and then charmed the judge. Due to such incidents, many a ritual was relocated in secret to the swampland on Bayou St. John, near what is now City Park. Today, Voodouns continue to hold rituals in Congo Square.

New Orleanians feared nothing more than the dreaded Voodoo curse! It is the worst of all fates. Evil magic in other parts of the country paled in comparison. Practitioners today generally will not do negative magic but back in 1944 when Robert Tallant wrote about Voodoo in New Orleans, he spoke to elders in the community who gave a different account of the way things were!

It was not uncommon then for crosses of death, tiny coffins, and strange concoctions or voodoo dolls to be found at dawn on the doorsteps and galleries of residents here. Sometimes there would be just a black candle or a black crepe wreath. Superstitious residents of the times would constantly seek protection from such curses. Much of the Voodoo practitioners’ spells that were sought after were for that of protection or uncrossing, removing hexes. One of the most common practices to protect one from evil curses was to scrub the front stoop of the house with brick dust. Many New Orleanians purchased gris-gris bags (good luck charms). And would wear them near the body or place them in the home. In a 1924 newspaper article, doctors at Charity hospital who were interviewed told of patients being brought in wearing their gris-gris bags and refusing to part with them. These bags were usually made up of a variety of herbs or even animal parts. One of the Most Powerful animals to use in Voodoo was the cat, particularly, a black cat.

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Primitive African Medical Lore And Witchcraft

| Monday, March 26, 2007 | |
Primitive African Medical Lore And Witchcraft Cover

Book: Primitive African Medical Lore And Witchcraft by Ethel Thompson

This article presents a comprehensive study of the methods, practices, equipment, and paraphernalia of African Witch Doctors in carrying out Primitive medical practices. The chief tribes studied are the Azandes of the Sudan, the Manos of Liberia, the Congo tribes, the Bundas of Angola, and the Zulus and other Bantu tribes of South Africa. Primitive beliefs and customs are discussed only insofar as they have a direct bearing on medical practices. The medical practices considered deal mainly with the application of general remedies for ailments and diseases, but certain specialized fields such as obstetrics, surgery, treatment for fractures, and dentistry are also included. Primitive medicaments are presented With Reference to their application for various illnesses. An alphabetical list of these medicaments is given at the end of the article.

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Sacred Leaves Of Candomble African Magic Medicine And Religion In Brazil

| Friday, January 12, 2007 | |
Sacred Leaves Of Candomble African Magic Medicine And Religion In Brazil Cover

Book: Sacred Leaves Of Candomble African Magic Medicine And Religion In Brazil by Robert Voeks

SACRED LEAVES OF CANDOMBLE: AFRICAN MAGIC, MEDICINE, AND RELIGION IN BRAZIL is a fabulous book. It is lucidly written and is chock-full of useful information.
Robert A. Voeks is an Associate Professor of Geography at California State University, Fullerton. He divides his book into 8 chapters. Chapter 1 is a short introduction, which tells what he the rest of the book will be Investigating - namely the transfer of the African religion and leaf medicine to Brazil. Chapter 2 -- The Bahian Landscape begins with the development of the continents and tells how the flora of South America and Africa were the same and how they were different. Chapter 3 entitled Indians and Africans relates the introduction of Africans as slaves into Brazil and they're Relationship with the native Indian population. Chapter 4 - Religion of the Orixas gives the history of the African religion in Brazil and an overview of its structure. Chapter 5 - Candomble Medicine tells the types of medicine practiced and who and how it is practiced. Chapter 6 - Medicinal Plant Classification gives the relationship of the Divinities with the plants and their usages. Wow! Chapter 7 - Candomble Flora tells what plants are used and how they survive or arrive in Brazil. Chapter 8 - African Religion in the Americas relates how and why African religion survived and flourished in some parts of the New World and why it didn't take hold in others. The author includes an appendix on Candomble Species List and one on House Abo for Three Candomble Terreiros as well as Notes, Glossary, References Cited, General Index and Index of Scientific Names.

The author's beautifully coherent prose makes this book a great pleasure to read. Those who are interested in the African New World Religions, ethnobotany, or the African Diaspora will find this book useful and informative. Highly recommended!

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