The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace

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The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace Cover

Book: The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace by Michael De Molinos

This document is a transcription of an English Translation of The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos The English translation was published in London, in 1688, and is a translation of an Italian edition published in Venice, in 1685. The English translation has the author as “Dr. Michael de Molinos”. The transcription was performed in November and December of 1997, from a microfilmed copy of the 1688 English translation.

The Book that is here presented ye, is a Translation from the Italian Copy, Printed at Venice in 1685. The first Man that got it, with difficulty, out of the Authour’s hands, and then had it Printed at Rome in 1675, with all the solemnity of approbations, was Fryer John of St. Mary, who styles himself Provincial; and he speaks very fine things of it, and he had so heartily read it over, that the impression which it made in his Mind, gave him the exact cue and knack of that sort of Language which the Author uses, when he throws himself headlong into darkness and obscurity: And when this Man had recommended the Book to the sincere Reader, after his way; the next that appears to give a Grace to it, is no less a Man, than the Most Illustrious and most Reverend Lord, the Archbishop of Rhegium, who tells us how many great Offices in the Church he had pass’d through; he says in his Approbation of the Book, that ‘tis a hard matter to make a judgement of it, without some experience of the things contained in it: And that how high soever the secret of it be above all humane Discourse, yet they are not only not contrary to the right dictates of Reason, but altogether conformable to it: Which is as fitting a Preface to some things in the Book, as any man in the World could have made with the Study of Seven Years: First, to say that these sovereign Secrets, which the Book treats of, are above all human Discourse; and then in the very next words, to say they are conformable altogether to the dictates of Reason: as if the dictates of Reason and human Discourse had entered into a Combination never to come to a right Understanding of one another.

He that would be further satisfied of the fitness of this Archbishop’s Character to the Book, will be gratified, by reading patiently some things of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Chapters of the Third Book: But ‘tis enough, that this great Man speaks well of his Countryman Molinos’s Doctrine, that ‘tis according to the judgment of the holy Fathers, and the usual way of Mystical Divines, he says again, that the Author of this Book, does not speak his own Capricios, but follows the footsteps of the Ancients, and builds upon their Principles, and spiritual Foundations, that he reduces ‘em to a right and clear Method, bringing forth (says he) out of his Treasures, things new and old; And for the Stile of the Book, he allows it to be clear, easie, plain, and full in such crabbed hard and lofty Subject; adding withal, that the Man doth not decline Proofs of Scripture, Doctrines of the Fathers, Decrees of Councils, nor the
Principles of Morality, and therefore he judges it to be a useful Piece, and very worth to be Printed: and what can be said more to set any Book off. Next to the Archbishop’s Approbation, in comes that of Fryer Francis-Mary, Minister
General of the whole Franciscan Order, given from his Convent of Ara Coeli, who speaks mighty kindly and favourably of the Book, & recommends it to the Press.

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Prayer Against Voodoo

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Prayer Against Voodoo Cover Introduction

Father God, the only TRUE living God. The God of this whole universe and everything made. The God who said in Genesis 1:1, "Let there be light our father who is in heaven". Father God this person listening to this prayer is being attacked by voodoo spells that have been placed on them and they want it to be removed. Father God anoint, give life to, and fill with power, every word that is going to come out of my mouth in Jesus Christ name.

Voodoo CURSES Fall

Father God every voodoo enchantments spoken toward this person hearing this, cancel them all and curse those curses sent toward them. Have every word spoken at them to fall and have every enchantment that has be successful, put it's evil works to a standstill, and undo every evil thing that enchantment was sent out to do in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Against the Weapons of Voodoo (Spells)

Father God there are earthly things used from nature, when used the wrong way by the people of darkness can cause serious harm to others, so I want you to make invalid the powers of each of these earthly things and render them powerless when used to cause harm to the person listening to this.
Anyone using:
- Graveyard Dust or Goofer Dust.
- Black Ants.
- Aunt Sally's Dream Oil.
- Bat's Blood.
- Bats Eye.
- Dove's Heart.
- Voodoo Magic Powder.
Render them all POWERLESS in Jesus Christ name.

Voodoo Dolls Pt I (Breaking Curse)

Father God the satanic worshipers who sent the voodoo spells toward this person listening to this, mite also have a voodoo doll with a picture of their face on it symbolizing them, and using sticking of pins into the doll to strengthen and direct the spells they casting. Father God make ineffective the power of the black pins, known as Mojo, to cause mental problems and to make stronger the results.

Voodoo Dolls Pt II (Breaking Curse)

Father God there are symbols and pictures on the voodoo dolls where pins are stuck into, let them have no effect, make it unproductive, stop these curses from moving forward.

*Airplane (Travel, journey, route)
*Dollar (Money, prosperity, finances, assets, credit)
*Briefcase (Job, success, business, employment)
*Angel (Guardian spirit, virtues, powers, protection, spiritual)
*Lips (Passion, seduction, infatuation, intensity, sex appeal)
*Skull & Crossbones (Poison, evil, frighten)
*Thundercloud (Weather, climate, air temperature, strike)

Against Voodoo Spirits Pt 1

Father God concealed forces working under the power of voodoo magic, powers of darkness, dark magic spirits of the night, dark forces, dark entities, voodoo spirits that come as shadows, father God chain up every single one of them right this instant in Jesus Christ name.

Against Voodoo Spirits Pt 2

Father God there are evil spirits of voodoo attached to this person listening to this. It's not dwelling in their spirit but it's following them, watching them. It's still tampering with things they own. Their causing injures to them, causing misfortune, destruction, making them feel sad, feeding off their emotions. Father God send a death strike towards every last demon of voodoo harassing this person listening to this in name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Voodoo Spirit (Removal) The FINAL

If there is a spirit of Voodoo in this person's life, dwelling in this person's spirit present yourself. Jesus Christ of Nazareth has died and resurrected from the dead thus you are DEFEATED.
Father God, have the Blood of Jesus Christ to cancel all the spirit of voodoo assignments and render the spirit of voodoo and all the other demons it has joined up with powerless in Jesus Christ name.
Evil curses, generational curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, jinxes, psychic powers, that have been put upon this person or their family line going back as far as ten generations break these Satanic Rituals and curses, break their hold. Break it's power over them. I command you by the authority of Jesus Christ spirit of voodoo to loose this person listening to this Father God DETACH and LOOSE this person from the spirit of voodoo in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


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