Earl Handed His Voodoo Mantle

| Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | |
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I came to the path of voodoo conjure due to playing guitar in a band with Trinidadian hoodoo man and singer Earl Marlowe. When I first knew him, Earl looked to be in his early sixties, although he claimed to be 127 and getting younger everyday.

He was a colorful character. His head was shaved and he always wore purple-tinted aviator shades. Sometimes he wore sharp Italian suits, other times colorful African robes.

During our association together, Earl told me many voodoo conjure stories about the Caribbean and the American South, where he lived before settling in England.

Earl also taught me the trade of the hoodoo doctor. This, coupled with my own studies into the esoteric field, proved to be highly fortuitous. Coz after Earl died, many of his clients came to me asking for help.

At first I was reluctant, lacking confidence in my abilities. But then a friend of Earl's, an old West Indian guy who ran a domino club, said to me: "Earl handed his voodoo mantle down to you. You might not know it, but he did."

With that, he gave me a silver snake ring, telling me Earl had entrusted it to him just before he left this world, with instructions that it be given to me.

After that, I spent two weeks in deep contemplation, burning oils and incenses, and communing with the spirits. The result was I took the magickal name Doktor Snake and became a professional witch doctor.

And then the eagle soared into the azure haze, painting a picture in the primal skies

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Voodoo In New Orleans

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Book: Voodoo In New Orleans by Robert Tallant

Any book you see on Voodoo today, is either talking about Santeria or Haitian Voodou. Even the "New Orleans Voodoo Tarot" is mostly Voodoo from OUTSIDE of New Orleans. Here you will find the most mature research on Marie Laveau, which is worth the modest price of this book, alone. But you also get history that you will not find anywhere else. Tales of an entire lineage of conjure men and root doctors, the real heart of Louisiana Hoodoo. This book introduces you to men like Doctor Koku, Rooster, Papa Melon, Don Pedro and many others. If you want to see both sides of the New Orleans Voodoo coin, this is the only book that pulls back all the curtains of it's history.

Mr. Tallant was a life long resident of Louisiana. The Voodoo In New Orleans is a history of American Voodoo from the slave days of Marie Lavaue up until the 1940's...and before Voodoo became commercialized and watered down with New Age beliefs for tourists. Far from being "old and silly", the book gives an accuarte picture of Voodoo and the people who pratice it. Some people will be disapointed to find out "flying devil oil" is really just red pepper and olive oil, but the author didn't write a "spellbook" to promote superstition. The book is a very accurate and detailed look at Voodoo.

Regardless of what anyone feels about this book , it is a time stamp in Hoodoo history. The man needs credit for attending Hoodoo meetings and facing up to the Queen's of the time for interview requests. It answers some questions and opens big cans of worms with others, some parts are of course folk tales but it leaves many doors open to speculation on a few serious points about Hoodoo & The Original Voodoo Queens of New Orleans.

Find Robert Tallant's book in amazon.com:
Voodoo In New Orleans

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