How To Do White Magic To Remove Voodoo Harm

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How To Do White Magic To Remove Voodoo Harm Cover First and foremost, it's important to remember that voodoo is a religion first. Most voodoo practitioners frown upon the use of spells of any kind. White magic is most often associated with wicca or witchcraft, another religion. The closest thing voodoo offers to "white magic" as popularly perceived are protective charms. Everything in voodoo is related to spiritual forces and the guardian energy of the lwa. To effect positive change, the spell caster must engage in the goodwill of the lwa through symbol and ritual.


1. Step 1

Create a protective charm. A protective charm is created under the guidance of an ougan or mambo. The charm is imbued with the power of the lwa and may be placed on an altar in the home to protect the inhabitants from negative energy and harm.

2. Step 2

Create a "paket kongo." The packet combines herbs special to a specific lwa along with soil and leaves. The packet is wrapped in silk and tied in ribbons. The packets are then decorated with sequins, beads and gems to become elaborate works of art. These packets are pure white magic to counter any voodoo harm and should be prominently displayed in the home or on the altar. A paket kongo is a powerful charm for 7 years.

3. Step 3

Light a lamp for the lwa. A magical lamp is a charm. The lamp can be blessed by the ougan or mambo. The lamps usually have a specific goal to protect, to bless, to treat or to ensure health. The lamp can be made from a number of different sources, such as a bowl, jug, coconut shell or bottle. The container is filled with oil, and a wick is threaded through it. The ougan adds special herbs and prayers. You light the lamp to invoke the magic and the blessings of the lwa.

4. Step 4

Pray to the Catholic saints. Much of voodoo is associated with the Catholic saints. If you fear the harm done by negative energy, extend positive energy to the world through the intermediaries such as the saints. Performing specific prayers to the saints can promote White Magic and positive energy to undo the harm of black magic.

5. Step 5

Pray to the lwa. These white slips of paper are called oraison. They can be purchased in street markets in New Orleans and Port au Prince. The oraison can be sewn into pillows or clothes to carry good wishes and positive magic into every part of life following a pay-it-forward theory.

Tips & Warnings

* Do not engage in harmful voodoo. Voodoo is about balance and the forces of nature. Honor the spirits and balance in nature to avoid doing harm. Voodoo dolls are not actually related to the voodoo religion.

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