How To Make A Yarn Voodoo Doll

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How To Make A Yarn Voodoo Doll Cover Voodoo dolls are fun to make. One of the cutest styles of voodoo dolls is the yarn voodoo doll. With a few simple materials and a little time, you can create yarn voodoo dolls that will make unique gifts..


# Step 1

Cut a piece of yarn for a tie. It should be six inches long. Place the yarn along the top edge of your largest piece of cardboard. Wind yarn of the same color around the piece of cardboard vertically. Wind the yarn 200 hundred times to achieve the proper thickness, then slip the wound yarn off the cardboard and use the single piece of yarn to tie off the wound yarn. Make sure to tie the single piece of yarn tight. This will be the body of the doll.

# Step 2

Make a yarn ball one inch in diameter from the same color yarn as you used for the body.

# Step 3

Wind yarn around the nine-inch piece of cardboard about fifty times. Remove the yarn from the cardboard and cut along the bottom bend of the yarn. Tie together one end of the yarn, about 1/2" from the edge. Braid the yarn and tie the other end, again 1/2" from the end of the wound yarn strip. These are the arms.

# Step 4

Place the previously made yarn ball into the yarn body under the tied center, smooth the yarn out around the yarn ball, and twist and tie the yarn to form the head.

# Step 5

Slide the long nine-inch tied arm piece horizontally through the yarn body and center it. Tie the yarn together below each of the arms for support.

# Step 6

Gather the remaining yarn, separate it into two sections, braid and tie each section 1/4" from the ends. This will be the legs of the voodoo doll.

# Step 7

Use the yarn you chose for hair color. Place a four inch piece of yarn across the smallest piece of cardboard and wind the rest of the yarn vertically, fifty times, the same as you did for the body. Slide the yarn from the cardboard and tie it tightly with the four inch string of yarn. Place the hair on top of the head and stitch in place with embroidery floss, keeping the stitch hidden beneath the hair. Run a stitch along the neckline to further secure the hair.

# Step 8

Use small buttons for the eyes, nose and mouth. Stitch or glue them in place.

# Step 9

Finish your voodoo yarn doll with seven colored pins, each of which represents something specific in the voodoo culture. The pin heads should be colored yellow (success), white (positive energy), red (power), purple (spirituality), green (money), blue (love) and black (repelling negative energy). Display your voodoo yarn doll with the pins randomly placed and with pride.

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