How To Make A Harmless Voodoo Doll

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How To Make A Harmless Voodoo Doll Cover The stereotypical voodoo doll often conjures up images of a wicked witch using an ugly, evil voodoo doll to wreak vengeance and havoc on her helpless victims. The reality is that creating a voodoo doll for revenge is considered a form of Black Magic which is against voodoo moral codes, and voodoo dolls are usually crafted to help, not harm. Voodoo dolls can be created to increase fortune, find love and improve health. To create a harmless voodoo doll, you will need supplies such as sticks, string, Spanish moss, personal effects and a white candle.


1. Step 1

Take the two sticks and create a cross shape. This will be the body of the voodoo doll.

2. Step 2

Tie the sticks together in the middle with string.

3. Step 3

Cover the sticks with Spanish moss. Wrap the Spanish moss around the middle of the doll to reinforce the string. Wrap the Spanish moss in a continuous motion around the top of the voodoo doll where the head will be, and then wrap the Spanish moss around the rest of the body where the arms and bottom will be. Reinforce any loose parts with string to keep the Spanish moss from falling off.

4. Step 4

Cut the fabric into strips. The fabric strips should be about 2 inches wide and 2 to 3 feet long.

5. Step 5

Add the fabric over the Spanish moss. Wrap the fabric so that some of the Spanish moss at top of the head, and ends of the arms and legs is showing.

6. Step 6

Glue the fabric to the body. You may also have to use the needle and thread to reinforce loose parts of fabric.

7. Step 7

Create the face. The face can be created with a combination of buttons and beads for the mouth and eyes. Sew the beads or buttons to the fabric at the top of the voodoo doll with the needle and thread.

8. Step 8

Add decorations to personalize your voodoo doll. Add feathers, flowers, yarn or glitter. If the doll is supposed to represent a specific person, add a personal effect of that person to the doll, such as his hair, a scrap of his clothing or fingernail clippings.

9. Step 9

Consecrate the voodoo doll. Consecrating the voodoo doll removes negative energy and prepares the doll to be used in healing rituals. Light a white candle and the incense, then pass the voodoo doll through the incense smoke.

10. Step 10

Baptize the voodoo doll. If the voodoo doll is supposed to represent a specific person, hold a baptizing ceremony for the voodoo doll. Anoint the voodoo doll with water or anointing oil and give it a name. Then welcome the voodoo doll into your home.

Tips & Warnings

* Craft the voodoo doll while the moon is waxing (growing big) to increase the power of luck, love and fortune spells.
* Some voodoo practitioners advise to avoid saying curse words or thinking negative thoughts while creating a voodoo doll, or you can risk imbuing it with bad energy.

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