How To Make And Use A Voodoo Doll

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How To Make And Use A Voodoo Doll Cover It is a common misconception that Voodoo Dolls are used primarily to place a hex on someone or to exact revenge on enemies. In truth, Voodoo dolls are used to represent the spirit of a particular person, and the pins are used primarily to target positive energy of aid in healing. Voodoo dolls work by summoning an ancient force known as Loa, commonly worshipped in Western Africa during the 16th century. This guide will provide a simple process to the proper construction and use of Voodoo Dolls.

The Construction and Use of Voodoo Dolls

1. Step 1

Make a cross with the two sticks.

2. Step 2

Tie the sticks together with the Spanish moss by wrapping it around the intersection of the sticks. If possible, use moss that is connected together in a piece long enough to cover the sticks without breaking the moss apart.

3. Step 3

Wrap the moss up and down the length of the vertical stick to form the "body" of the doll.

4. Step 4

Cover the moss with the fabric strips. Leave moss exposed at edges of all points on the cross. Secure the fabric using the needle and yarn/ hemp cord/ wax thread.

5. Step 5

Secure the beads or buttons near the top of the cross to create eyes with the needle and yarn/ hemp cord/ wax thread.

6. Step 6

Light a candle in front of the Voodoo doll. The color of the candle should match the color of the pin you will insert into the doll.

7. Step 7

Meditate using deep breathing techniques to focus on your desire (see link in Resources).

8. Step 8

Insert the pin whose color corresponds with your desire into the heart or head of the Voodoo Doll.

9. Step 9

Keep the doll in a sacred and safe place and wait for the effects to take place.

Tips & Warnings

* The seven colors each have different meanings: yellow represents success; white, positive; red, power; purple, spirituality; green, money; blue, love; and black, repelling negative energy. Oak is a good wood to use because it is strong and resists breaking. You can dress your Voodoo Doll in particular outfits, depending on the person you wish the doll to represent.
* It is not recommended to use a Voodoo doll to inflict harm on another. Karmic backlash can often result on the person wishing to spread negative energy to another.

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