New Orleans Voodoo Power Not Focused

| Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | |
New Orleans Voodoo Power Not Focused Cover This toll I alluded to before on the spirit in the preceding paragraph for using black magic to inflict only hurt and pain too much is seen in the bastardized expression of the Voodoo Magic throughout Haiti and now occuring in New Orleans.Do not get me wrong New Orleans is one of the most powerful centers of obeah magic in the western hemisphere,right behind the West Indies,but the mystical force is not focused and lacks the important protocals and traditions that go along with some of the mystical voodoo spells and enchantments to give the sorcerer more control of the outcome.Case in point the current murder rate and the murder rate preceding the great mystical event of Hurricane Katrina 2006 (thats another story) in New Orleans which has put New Orleans as the "murder capital" of the world for three years in a row ,and was the murder capital before the hurricane, this correlation between the full power of the voodoo magic being allowed to go unchecked for so long and the rise in the murder rate should be ample evidence for anybody of the power of voodoo.Also by laying out this never before written history of modern mystical magical tradition originating from Africa you will know that I am the one and only Gangunguru Maragh .In conclusion the avalanche of blood thirstiness going on in New Orleans right now has a direct connection to everything before mentioned.

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