Voodoo Doll Making Instructions

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Voodoo Doll Making Instructions Cover Voodoo dolls are created to place a spell on an individual that is intended to bring them good fortune, love or fulfillment or to place a hex or curse on someone. Whatever the reasoning, the history of the voodoo doll is steeped in African culture brought to the Americas and spread to New Orleans, where it is said these types of "voodoo" dolls originated as a corruption of the original "Voudun" spirit religion. You can make a voodoo doll in the comfort of your own home with a few easy-to-locate materials.


# Step 1

Make a lower case "t" shape by tying two sticks together with a piece of twine.

# Step 2

Spray glue onto the sticks and cover them with dried moss, which can be purchased at most craft stores. You can cover the sticks with one large piece of moss or place smaller pieces all over the sticks.

# Step 3

Tie down the moss covered sticks with a few pieces of twine to help keep the moss from coming loose.

# Step 4

Wrap the moss-covered sticks with wide ribbon of your choosing. Begin near the top of the sticks and wrap it completely down, securing the bottom with a pin. Wrap ribbon around the "arms" and secure with pins. Make sure to leave the ends of both sticks uncovered. This will represent the hair, feet and hands of the doll.

# Step 5

Place buttons on the face of the doll, two for the eyes and one for the mouth. You can either sew them onto the face with a needle and thread or utilize hot glue.

# Step 6

Cover the voodoo doll with any other embellishments you choose, such as multicolored ribbons, feathers and more buttons.

# Step 7

Place one or more pins into the doll in the "heart" area according to the desired effect. Each of seven different colored pins represent different outcomes. The seven pin colors and their symbols are red for power, black for negative energies or to reject them, white for positive energies, yellow for success, purple for spirituality, blue for love and green for money.

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