How To Make Voodoo Dolls At Home

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How To Make Voodoo Dolls At Home Cover Voodoo dolls are often found in shops in New Orleans and other areas of the world where the art is still practiced. A voodoo doll can make an interesting decorative item and an unusual or funny gift. A basic voodoo doll is easy to make, and the process can be refined to make the doll similar to a particular person. Voodoo dolls can be as plain or elaborate as the designer likes.


1.Step 1

Place the sticks in the shape of a cross using a longer stick for the body and a shorter stick for the arms. Tie the sticks together with string. You can substitute wooden dowels or other craft-type wood pieces for the sticks.

2. Step 2

Tightly wrap Spanish moss around the sticks to form the mass of the doll's body. Try to use a single attached piece of moss for the entire doll. If necessary, secure the moss with string when you are done.

3. Step 3

Wrap fabric scraps around the moss, leaving a bit of moss sticking out at the top and bottom of the doll. Either sew or glue the fabric to secure it. For the best effect, use one solid color of scraps for this step. White, black and tan are good colors for the base covering of the doll.

4. Step 4

Sew or glue the beads in place for the eyes. If you want your doll to have a mouth, use another bead, a button or other sewing embellishment.

5. Step 5

Use different colors of fabric to create clothes for your doll. Wrap the fabric around the doll to create skirts, dresses, shirts and other clothing, leaving the solid color scraps for the doll's base body color. Sew or glue the fabric to secure it. Add jewelry, purses and other objects to make your voodoo doll more elaborate.

6. Step 6

Push the straight pins through the doll in different locations, and your doll is ready for display or a gift box.

Tips & Warnings

* If your doll is intended as a gift, then try to find a fabric similar to a favorite outfit of the gift recipient. Use feathers to make an elaborate headdress for your doll. Craft stores are a great source for small items that can embellish a voodoo doll.

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