Karmically Incorrect Use Of The Seven Pins In Voodoo

| Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | |
Karmically Incorrect Use Of The Seven Pins In Voodoo Cover If You Believe you are Above Karmic Law, Knock Yourself Out.

If you are arrogant enough to believe you are above the law of karma, then feel free to use your pins in the following way. Just remember that the law of three and the Law of Attraction in magick states that you reap what you sow three-fold, so don't say I didn't warn you.

To make your Voodoo doll represent a person, place some of that person's hair or a personal item inside the cloth of the doll to capture part of their soul. Use your black pin into the part of the body that you want the person to experience negativity. For example, a pin in the heart can cause heartbreak or heart problems, the stomach a stomach ache, the back a back ache or relationship problems, etc. With each stick you must focus your intention with the utmost clarity. Then place the doll on the person's doorstep or in their mailbox and watch them totally freak out. Or bury it, but you are really asking for trouble here...

Then back up and watch all hell break loose (in YOUR life, that is)!

Please note that I do not advise using your doll in this way. Voodoo is a powerful magickal system and the law of karma will not make an exception for you. Use of your Voodoo doll in any fashion other than with the right hand as I have recommended may result in severe negative consequences that I will take no responsibility for. So don't come bitching and moaning to me about it after the fact, unless you want to make things right, then I might be of assistance, if your desire to do so is due to Right Intention.

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