How To Make A Voodoo Love Doll

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How To Make A Voodoo Love Doll Cover Everyone is familiar with the Hollywood version of a voodoo doll; an evil witch places a pin in a frightful bit of cloth while mumbling and the person the doll represents immediately goes blind. Because of the popularity of this myth, voodoo dolls are associated with vengeance and retribution. Voodoo dolls are more commonly used to promote healing or improve luck. They are made from on-hand or found materials and decorated in a manner which best represents their purpose. The love doll is designed to help the creator find romance and improve the general status of her love life. By following the instructions below, you can create a love doll of your own out of plastic.


1. Step 1

Remove a large rectangle of cling wrap from the roll. Fold the cling wrap lengthwise to form a long, skinny rectangle. Then fold it again, this time end to end, forming a shorter skinny rectangle.

2. Step 2

Remove a smaller piece of cling wrap and roll it into a ball. This will be the love doll's head. Place the head into the center of the rectangle and fold the rectangle over it. Now you have a short, skinny rectangle with a lump in the middle. This will become the love doll's torso.

3. Step 3

Tear off another piece of cling wrap and fold it in a similar manner as the first piece. Form a second short and skinny rectangle but this time without the lump. This will form the arms of the doll.

4. Step 4

Slide the arms through the center of the torso.

5. Step 5

Snip off a piece of pink yarn, approximately 2 feet in length. Wrap the yarn around the love doll's head and bring it across the chest, moving under and around and across the back. Wrap around the head again and move on to the other arm forming yarn neck and an "X" across the upper torso.

6. Step 6

Repeat this several times to separate the head from the rest of the doll and to support the arms.

7. Step 7

Give structure to the love doll's arms and legs by wrapping the basic shape with multiple layers of cling wrap. Keep wrapping, pulling the cling wrap tight, until you are happy with the look of your love doll.

8. Step 8

Cut off the bulging ends of the love doll's arms and legs and seal with a bit of glue.

9. Step 9

If you have a specific someone in mind, use yarn and fabric scraps to mimic his hair and eye color. Also, if you can, dress your doll in a piece of cloth that comes from a garment he has worn.

10. Step 10

Cut a red heart shape from a scrap of red felt or fabric and glue it to the left hand side of the love doll's chest.
To Use Your Love Doll

11. Step 1

Take your love doll to a quiet, peaceful place and call on Venus, or the guardian of your choice, and ask for assistance and guidance.

12. Step 2

Name your love doll to establish a connection to the real world.

13. Step 3

State your intentions for the love doll. Then take the white pin--which represents positive energy and enlightenment--and place it in the center of the doll's head. Say: "By placing this pin, I create light and love in your life."

14. Step 4

Insert the purple pin between the eyes, making a statement about becoming aware of your love. Then place the blue pin into the throat making a statement about the manifestation of your love becoming reality.

15. Step 5

Stick the green pin into the heart to generate energy and the yellow into the center of the chest to improve their access to information. Don't forget to state what each pin should accomplish as you insert it.

16. Step 6

Place the orange pin in the stomach which helps them to absorb and accept all this information and last, but not least, put the red pin directly between the legs. Red represents power. Remember to reflect that idea in your statement.

17. Step 7

Leave the pins in the love doll and set it in a suitable location. Remove one pin 24 hours later. Begin with the red pin and work your way up, taking one pin out every day. When you remove the white pin, the ritual is complete.

Tips & Warnings

* Traditional voodoo dolls are made from items which suggest or aid in their function. These plastic love dolls could be stuffed, during the wrapping process, with herbs or other items you feel are appropriate.
* Be sure your intentions are good prior to using the doll. It is never wise to attempt to tamper with the free will of another person. It is far better to use a love doll to bring love, not a specific lover, into your life.

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