Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation

| Tuesday, December 27, 2005 | |
Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation Cover

Book: Summoning Spirits The Art Of Magical Evocation by Konstantinos

This book is your guide to the art of magical evocation. It is the only book you'll ever need to learn this ancient practice, and it is unique in that it covers
every aspect of magical training necessary to obtain results. Even if you've never practiced magic before, you can still safely perform evocations by first Practicing the magical training exercises in the following chapters.

The names and seals of many useful spirits are found in ancient grimoires. Some of the spirits are so vaguely described, however, that a magician Summoning them for the first time has little idea of what to expect. So to make things easy, in Chapter 9 I've included a listing of entities and their sighs that I have personally evoked and found useful. These entities are fully explained, including their appearances, areas they are knowledgeable about, and tasks they could best perform. This way you can begin conjuring without wondering what it is you're calling, and more practically, without another visit to the bookstore. As an added feature, I made Sketches of some
of the entities and gave them to a professional artist who created the illustrations for Chapter 9.

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Voodoo And Black Magic

| Thursday, December 8, 2005 | |
Voodoo And Black Magic Cover

Book: Voodoo And Black Magic by Marsha Adderley

My name is Marsha J. Adderley. I am 56-years-old and a retired secretary. I worked in the Health Care field most of my life. There I helped the homeless, because I am a very caring person. I was born in Chelsea and reside in Boston, MA today. I have two kids; live with my second child and her five Beautiful children. On the fun side of everything, I love to dance and listen to music. Michael Jackson was my idol. God took his place a year ago. Not only do I like to shop for myself, I find joy in buying gifts for others and cracking joke (my grandkids thinks is corny) to create smiles on individuals. Unfortunately, throughout my whole life of uplifting family, Friends and even strangers, I have received jealousy in return from a few. But the hatred could never amount to kind I got spiritually. This book contains Records of my trials and tribulations with the evil spirits. I want to share my story to the world before I cease. So I thank you readers for acknowledging me. God bless.

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African Voodoo

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African Voodoo Cover Voodoo originated in the African kingdoms of Fon and Kongo as many as 6,000 years ago. The word "voodoo" comes from the Fon language, in which it means "sacred," "spirit" or "deity." Other words used in Voodoo today also come from the Fon and Kongo languages. For example, a Voodoo priestess is often referred to as a mambo or manbo. This is a combination of the Fon word for "mother" or "magical charm" and the Kongo word for "healer."

The Fon kingdom was located in what is now southern Benin, a region some anthropologists refer to as the "cradle of Voodoo." People also practice Voodoo in Togo, Ghana and other countries in northwestern Africa. Approximately 30 million people in Togo, Ghana and Benin practice Voodoo today [source: National Public Radio: Radio Expeditions]. Voodoo is also an official religion in Benin, where as many as 60 percent of the people are followers [Source: BBC].

Since Voodoo is primarily an oral tradition, the names of gods, as well as the specifics of different rituals, can change in different regions or from generation to generation. However, African Voodoo has several consistent qualities no matter where people practice it. Along with the belief in multiple gods and spiritual possession, these include:

* Veneration of ancestors
* Rituals or objects used to convey magical protection
* Animal sacrifices used to show respect for a god, to gain its favor or to give thanks
* The use of fetishes, or objects meant to contain the essence or power of particular spirits
* Ceremonial dances, which often involve elaborate costumes and masks
* Ceremonial music and instruments, especially including drums
* Divination using the Interpretation of physical activities, like tossing seed hulls or pulling a stone of a certain color from a tree
* The association of colors, foods, plants and other items with specific loa and the use of these items to pay tribute to the loa

Many of these traits, particularly ancestor worship, polytheism, and the importance of music and dance, are also important in other African religions. So, in practice, Voodoo looks a lot like other traditional African religions. Many observances appear to be part celebration, part religious service incorporating rhythmic music, dancing and songs. Many rituals take advantage of the natural landscape, such as rivers, mountains or trees. Through decoration and consecration, ordinary objects, like pots, bottles or parts of slaughtered animals, become sacred objects for use in rituals.

In parts of Africa, people who want to become spiritual leaders in the Voodoo community can enter religious centers, which are much like convents or monasteries. In some communities, initiates symbolically die, spending three days and nights in complete seclusion before being returned to the outside world. Initiates learn the rituals, colors, foods and objects associated with different deities, as well as how to communicate with the loa. The spirits have different personalities and different requirements of their followers, much like the gods in Greek and Roman myths.

Some people associate Voodoo with evil, but many of its rituals, even those that include the sacrifice of live animals, focus on respect and peace. Its religious leaders become community leaders, providing guidance and settling disputes. Leaders also frequently provide medical care in the form of folk medicine. Priests, priestesses and other practitioners typically dedicate their work to helping and caring for others. Curses, witchcraft and spells designed to do harm fall instead into the category of bo. However, most anthropologists agree that Voodoo leaders have a working knowledge of bo, which is separate from Voodoo, believing that Understanding how it works is necessary to fighting it. Sorcerers known as botono, rather than Voodoo priests and priestesses, are said to control more sinister spells. In some cases, though, people act as both priests and botono, depending on the situation.

This African form of Voodoo is a precursor to the Voodoo practiced in Haiti and other parts of the Western hemisphere. The regions of Africa where Voodoo has thrived are also areas that were heavily trafficked during the slave trade. Slavery brought Voodoo to the Americas. Next, we'll look at the changes to Voodoo that took place on the other side of the Atlantic.

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The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook

| Tuesday, October 4, 2005 | |
The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook Cover

Book: The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado

This is a fantastic book! I really enjoyed reading this book. It is full of helpful and useful Information on Voodoo and how you can apply it to your own life. I was literally addicted to reading this book and was sad when it was over. I wanted more! The only complaint I have is I wish Ms. Alvarado would have written another book to accompany this one. She gave a lot in the book however she states that she was holding back guarded "secrets" which only further made my thirst for Voodoo Knowledge that much more unquinched. If you have the chance get this book! I have referred back to it repeatedly.

Denise Alvarado has got to be the most versed person in the art of voodoo hoodoo~! I love the book, it is smack full of background information, spells, ingredients, etc. Perfect book for anyone beginning to dig into the practice. Thank you Denise, you are a very good teacher and give of your knowledge so freely. I can't wait to see the next book you write. Anyone who has anything bad to say in Reference to Denise's knowledge must be very envious of the knowledge this young lady has acquired from years of study, research and living the life.

This book (thanks to the author) gets you straight down to the business of learning and working some Hoodoo without asking for your mothers maiden name or asking you to drink a cup of chickens blood. The content of the book is enough to get you at least working well on yourself if not others, basically if you can't get some results from the tricks in this book - then Hoodoo is not for you. There are some very funny but true points about the work within the pages. The information is truly priceless. Happy reading!

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Urban Voodoo A Beginner Guide To Afro Caribbean Magic

| Wednesday, September 14, 2005 | |
Urban Voodoo A Beginner Guide To Afro Caribbean Magic Cover

Book: Urban Voodoo A Beginner Guide To Afro Caribbean Magic by Jason Black

This book fills a long-standing need in the literature: Voodoo, Santeria, and Macumba as practiced today in cities throughout the Western world. It is not another history or sociological study, but a candid personal account by two who came to "the religion" from the outside. It includes descriptions of the phenomena triggered by Voodoo practice, divination techniques, spells and a method of self-initiation.

No one owns the term "Voodoo" because it is a mixed set of beliefs and folks practices from an indigenous cultural place called Haiti. The African beliefs that made it with the slaves to Haiti were inter-mixed with the Native American Taino culture who lived there prior to the African slaves.

AND let's not forget that New Orleans Voodoo is mixed with RootWork, Conjuring, some Native American Shamanism, Appalachian folks practices, Deutch Pow-Wow, Catholicism and the Gods know what else! So why not stop with all the slanderous crap by screaming that it's not real Voodoo and realize your argument holds no weight? As Louis Martinae, author of New Orleans Voodoo Tarot book and a drummer for the Rampart Street Voodoo Temple in NO, LA, said, "Voodoo is inclusive not exclusive".

Hyatt and Black have done an excellent job with helping one to cut thru the miasma of theory to get you a lot of HOW-TO material. I personally have used the "Invocation to Eshu" on page 147 & invoked Exu Tranca-Ruas as explained on pages 152-153 as well as invoked Oshun as explained on pages 160-161 both with AWESOME results! My clients have been astounded at the level of work that this Exu has performed for them.

Since I am a Practitioner of Sorcery and a Spiritual Worker, I have many clients who I do RootWork and Conjure-Sorcery work for and often I've found that Exu Tranca-Ruas to be just the help they need to break thru blockages that are stopping up their lives.

Go ahead and argue what you will about the origins of Hyatt and Black's material but RESULTS speak loudest!

Voodoo-Sorcery is the realm of the Bokor the Vodu Sorcerer and NOT under the thumb of the Vodu Priesthood thus none of you have ANY right to point fingers and complain. And it doesn't matter if you're a Santero/a, Babalawo, Houngan, Manbo, whatever, you do NOT have any say about what Sorcerers do and don't do! I don't see any of you telling a RootWorker what is authentic or what isn't.

The fact is that this system works. It just upsets many of you that the author's came out of the closet to explain material that was "supposed" to be kept hidden. Well too bad. It's now out in the open. And besides, the majority of this material is mere "surface knowledge" anyway. The real deep stuff is still hidden because one has to do the work to uncover it for themselves. Spoon fed info from your god-parents is mere surface knowledge to help get you to a level where - IF you do the work - then you will uncover the Deeper Aspects of Spirituality, Magic and Occultism.

The book is great, but not for everyone. If you're looking for a scholarly work on Voodoo, you've come to the wrong place. If you're a Waldenbooks Wiccan, looking to absorb yet another pagan practice into the mishmash you call a religion, you, again, do not want this book. A better title for this book could have been Santeria for the Solitary Sorceror. This book is mainly focused a kind of solitary practice of santeria and a blend of afro-carribean spirituality. This book is not for fluffy bunny pagans. It does attack wiccan and other neo-pagan movement religions but ahh well...get over it...This book is for a person who seriously wished to persue an afro-carribean path and dosent want costly initiations and memberships in groups of people. If this is you then I reccomend the book.

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The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism

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The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism Cover

Book: The Salem Witchcraft The Planchette Mystery And Modern Spiritualism by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe has contributed to The Salem Witchcraft; The Planchette Mystery; And Modern Spiritualism; as an author. Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) published her first book, The Mayflower, in 1843. In 1852 she published her bestselling classic, Uncle Toma (TM)s Cabin, the first novel to criticize the institution of slavery. She lectured and wrote for twenty-five years.

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Best 3 Free Voodoo Doll Spells

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Best 3 Free Voodoo Doll Spells Cover When Edward was very badly treated by his lover he wanted to commit suicide. He knew though he has cut ties with his lover but then also he can't stay without her. Standing at that very crucial point of his life. He decided on using voodoo to get his love back. Love itself is a very strong emotion then again voodoo along with it makes it all the more powerful.

The spell to be cast doesn't need the person to be present to have its action. By using a doll as the motif of the person, wherein it is believed lies the person's spirit can make wonders happen. Not only love, but free Voodoo Doll Spells can bring that change even in other aspects of your life. Namely the three best free voodoo doll spells are as follows:

Voodoo doll spells for love:

When two people get separated. Too much of unsatisfactory circumstances are what is bound to happen. But the most miserable part of the whole process is staying out of each other's life. Some of us are very emotional in our own ways. So getting out of this kind of situations is not only problematic but also requires a large amount of strength. Free voodoo spells are an excellent way to bring back our love to us again. The dolls in the free voodoo spells act as the motif which can be used to Bringing all the changes required in the person concerned.

Voodoo doll spells for money:

Money is a very tricky part in all our lives. We lose money as easily we earn it. That is why almost all of us try to stay quite cautious about this one bit of our lives. Voodoo spells with its extreme strength and qualities has been proven to bring in loads of good luck.
As long as money is concerned.

Free voodoo money doll spells are what we can all do to bless our money and therefore help to gain more money. The doll is used as a tool to bring in that extra bit of luck in all our lives. Pushing forward we come across another Powerful and strong free voodoo doll spell.

Voodoo doll spells for health:

Another vital and important aspect in all our lives is health. Concern for health and staying quite scared thinking about the unwanted hospital bills is what almost all of us do. It is in this sphere that we really need free voodoo doll spells. Securing the health of our family and ours is the sole responsibility of the voodoo dolls.
Using pins as a medium of acupuncture to using several other therapies on the doll is what can bring in all the required changes in our health sphere.

Voodoo doll spells can really bring in such changes which can keep us quite amazed. free Voodoo Doll Spells helps us to achieve a lot of things like Edward. Free voodoo doll spells are the most widely used psychic means which can work from a distance.

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Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

| Friday, September 2, 2005 | |
Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels Cover

Book: Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels by Right

This book introduces the concept of spiritual travel. Spiritual travel is a form of out-of-body Experience done voluntarily to achieve a spiritual goal. In order to have an out-of-body experience, the soul or Consciousness of the individual must temporarily leave the physical body. During out-of-body experience, the physical senses shut down. When this occurs, an entirely new world opens up to the individual. Spiritual travel is a special type of out-of-body experience where the individual's awareness is heightened, and he or she is able to make decisions and direct the experience.

The spectrum of experience afforded by spiritual travel is very broad and can include a wide variety of psychic and spiritual states. In most cases, the spiritual traveler is able to clearly remember the Experiences and learn from them.
Spiritual travel is sometimes called transcendent or ecstatic experience because it deals with the "inner" senses rather than the physical senses. It also deals with states of being seemingly independent of the physical world.

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Black Magic Is What

| Monday, July 18, 2005 | |
Black Magic Is What Cover This kind of magic is used when you want to do some very, very bad things. Black magic users usually do it to do bad things such as hurting someone. Even more, you can usually or you also use black magic for your own personal happiness.

What do you call people that practice black magic? Female Practitioners are called witches. Males who do practice black magic are called warlocks.

Have you ever noticed how some people like to debate on almost every subject? Well, the differences you can notice between black and White Magic are not spared. Theories are also abundant to explain the differences between white magic and black magic. Here are three theories that try to explain it: the all in one theory, the no connection theory and finally there is the separate but equal theory.

First theory: all as one

The “all as one” theory, is based on the belief the all magic is evil and that’s that. To be more precise all magic is dark magic. Don’t even try to convince the believers of this theory that white magic is good because at simply wont work with them. Magic is bad end of the line whether white or black. This is the view of many major religions in our society today. To name only a few of these religions and believers of that religion are: the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists even those who believe in Islam and Judaism. The general consensus is that the people who associate themselves with black magic are devil worshipers therefore they are Satanists.

Second theory: no connection

The “no connection” theory recognizes that both magic black as well as white are different sorts of magic. The major difference is that the only similarities they share are that they are magic. Besides that point, they are totally different. In fact they are so different from each other that you can’t really compare them. They are also very different the way they are done, however in the end both magic can have effects that seem equal. If you look at most magic movies like Harry Potter for example, this theory is proven many, many times throughout the film.

Final and third theory: separate but equal

In the magical world there is a belief that magic may be different in essence but in the beginning, everything starts off the same. It means that white and black magic are both neutral. Where they stand out from each other and tell whether they are good or bad magic is how they are going to be used in the end. Again, most major religions mentioned in the first theory are also strong believers in this one also.

If you would like to have more detail on this kind of magic there are three options available to you. The first one is obviously through books at a book store, next is an esoteric store and last but not least the ever so popular internet.

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Secrets Of Voodoo

| Monday, July 4, 2005 | |
Secrets Of Voodoo Cover

Book: Secrets Of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud

While most books on voodoo major on 'curses' 'voodoo dolls' spells and other Hollywood-prescribed stereotypes, this book is a very informative and helpful study of roots practices and one of only a handful I would really recommend on voodoo - the others being Voodoo Visions, Divine Horsemen (Maya Deren), Vodou Shaman (Ross Heaven) and Mama Lola (Karen Brown). In this book we have an intelligent yet very readable overview of a normally secretive Tradition and one that the world needs to hear more about.

Milo Rigaud gives a deep and rich account of Vodou. Using theories from geometry, psychology, anthropology, and other academic sources, Rigaud paints a picture of Vodou unlike any other. His interpretations, while academic and hard to follow at times, give a unique glimpse at how an "earth religion" can be a deep and rich spiritual well, concealing gems of hidden wisdom, profound thought, and beautiful insight.

This is an EXCELLENT book Secrets of Voodoo gives a comprehensive overview of the origins, history, theology, beliefs and practices of Haitian voodoo. Includes many B&W photographs of voodoo Ceremonies and drawing of voodoo "veves" (graphic Representations of the gods, used in ceremonies). This is one of those books that you will find yourself reading over and over again.

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Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals

| Tuesday, May 10, 2005 | |
Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals Cover

Book: Hoodoo Mysteries Folk Magic Mysticism And Rituals by Ray Malbrough

Conjuring money and attracting love, reversing hexes and stopping slander-it's all in a day's work for the Hoodoo practitioner. This is true American folk magic, colorful and powerful, yet little-known outside of the bayous and backwoods of Louisiana.

The Hoodoo Mysteries by Ray T. Malbrough is really great. Combined with his other two books it is easy to see a pattern that he unfolds in his own personal teaching. I own all Three Books he has written and apply many of the Principles he teaches with my own clients. I do get results. I have also written to him care of Llwewllyn asking for advice and got it. The Information he gives in The Hoodoo Mysteries really helps when you go into the Botanicas to buy supplies because you know what the products are used for and do not have to ask a clerk who may not really know anything. I can't see how someone can call this book scandalous unless they are jealous of his fame and popularity. On page 98 Ray Malbrough says, "People sometimes consult more than one card reader, which can lead to a rivalry between readers who are competing with each other for the loyalty of their clients." This I know is true statement. His history in the beginning of the book is correct. The material on spiritual baths is really great. I like the way he makes comparisons in the similarities with other religions in The Hoodoo mysteries and honestly tells you what the differences are. The Hoodoo Musteries is a MUST Read.

Let Ray Malbrough take you deep inside the Hoodoo mysteries. You'll learn the secrets of root working and magical baths, the Head Pot and the Medium's necklace. You'll discover how to divine the future with playing cards and cowrie shells, and how to work with the spirits of the dead. Step inside a world of magic and intrigue you never knew existed-enter the hidden world of the Hoodoo.

Ray T. Malbrough was born in New Orleans and was raised in the "Pays des Cajuns" Region of southeastern Louisiana. He learned the basics of hoodoo in his early teens with the permission and encouragement of his mother. At age 19, he started working in a New Orleans tearoom as a reader/advisor, and has since earned a good reputation as a Hoodoo worker all over the region surrounding his hometown of Houma. He is a 1982 graduate of the Seax-Wica Seminary founded and directed by Dr. Raymond Buckland. The author is active in the parapsychology Association in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Today, Ray is a full time reader/advisor and hoodoo worker in his home in Houma.

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