Free Voodoo Spell

| Sunday, August 1, 2010 | |
Free Voodoo Spell Cover The free voodoo spell I will give you is centered in Obeah so there are built in safety mechanisms but also has the viral potency of seeking out evil spirits and destroying them derived from the Hatain and to a lesser extent the New Orleans form of voodou,so you will have the best of both forms of Voodoo Magic in one incantation.Now grab a pen and write these magical words down.They will give you power over lower ranked "duppies".The words are gematria and notarikon.Say these two words twice while alone in your room.They will reveal to you in your mind's eye the real name of a duppie(spirit).Now that you know your personal duppies real name the duppie has been binded to your will and will stay with you and protect or attack any evil spirit of equal strength or greater in the immediate vicinity ,be mindful duppies are mischevious and will read your thoughts so if you do not think it the duppie will not know it.This voodoo spell of binding will only last one day.To bind the duppie to your will for longer ,even though I would not mind sharing but that would be time consuming ,you will need this Black magic voodoo spells Guide that four of the top sorcerers in the world today helped James Arden create .It is a special enchantment course Idesigned with enchantment lessons to keep the duppie at your side watching over your soul spirit for years to come..

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