How To Apply To Become A Voodoun On Cajun Nights

| Thursday, November 26, 2009 | |
How To Apply To Become A Voodoun On Cajun Nights Cover Below are a list of questions for you to answer in application to becoming a voodoun character on Cajun Nights:

1. Are you intending to be a regular voodoun (non-clergy) or an initiated Clergy? (houngan/mambo)
2. What levels of Knowing will your character have? Remember that all non-initiated characters can never have greater than 3 levels of Knowing for any one Orisha.
3. What Orisha will be your principle Patron (if any)?
4. Explain how your character came into this Relationship with the Orisha. Was it a traditional way (your family was involved with voodoo), or a more esoteric path? (you read a book on voodoo, or visited New Orleans as a child and an Orisha Touched you, or you
interacted with a Manifest orisha without knowing)
5. Describe your relationship with all the Orisha you have. What is it like? Strained and conflicted, melancholy and distant, close-knit and harmonious, or intermittent?
6. What is your character's opinion on Petro magic versus Rada magic (violent, negative curse magic versus healing, positive magic)? Is this character eligible for beginning points in Hex as a result?
7. Describe how your character integrates her voodoo life with her more mundane life, if she has one.
8. Describe your character's chiefest fear having to do with Voodoo.
9. Describe how you feel about other voodoun.
10. Describe how you will interact With Other voodoun in New Orleans, now that the Drought is over.
11. What Mojo-rituals do you want for your character? Mojo-rituals are ritualistic Things That serve your Orisha which give you points of Mojo energy.
12. If you've chosen the Heirlooms background, what voodoo Heirlooms do you have?

Special questions for Clergy Only:

1. Who initiated you? Answer as many questions from the section above about this person as you can.
2. What Patron Gift do you want?
3. What will be your principle place of worship/practice (hounfor)?
4. Where will your primary altar be located?
5. What, if any, Workings do you have that are still in force?

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