Voodoo And Black Magic

| Thursday, December 8, 2005 | |
Voodoo And Black Magic Cover

Book: Voodoo And Black Magic by Marsha Adderley

My name is Marsha J. Adderley. I am 56-years-old and a retired secretary. I worked in the Health Care field most of my life. There I helped the homeless, because I am a very caring person. I was born in Chelsea and reside in Boston, MA today. I have two kids; live with my second child and her five Beautiful children. On the fun side of everything, I love to dance and listen to music. Michael Jackson was my idol. God took his place a year ago. Not only do I like to shop for myself, I find joy in buying gifts for others and cracking joke (my grandkids thinks is corny) to create smiles on individuals. Unfortunately, throughout my whole life of uplifting family, Friends and even strangers, I have received jealousy in return from a few. But the hatred could never amount to kind I got spiritually. This book contains Records of my trials and tribulations with the evil spirits. I want to share my story to the world before I cease. So I thank you readers for acknowledging me. God bless.

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