Voodoo Ive Got Friends On The Other Side

| Friday, February 24, 2012 | |

Voodoo Ive Got Friends On The Other Side Image

Wow, looky here, I've never ever, ever mentioned this GIVEAWAY in my blog...never ever. So you should...ignore it? WRONG! Please enter away and please note it may even be extended because of college madness, I'll be sure to keep you posted Now, onto my post! 
 For today's look as a continuation of my Disney Villains look I did *drumroll* Dr. Facilier from "The Princess and the Frog." And I have to say I absolutely looooove his character, his voice, his song, ahhhh! I even sang his song "Friends on the Other Side" for an audition :3 which worked out nicely with my edging on baritone voice for singing, hahai'mamanwhat?hhahaha...anyway, this was kind of a more...creative interpretation of his character as opposed to a literal one.  Close-up on the eye The Doctor himself God, it was sooooo hard to get a decent picture of this, curse my ability or lack there of to capture a decent picture, stresss. Anyway, I got a lot of my inspiration from Dr. Facilier's shadow (hence the shadowing/mirroring of the eyelashes) and some good old fashioned voodoo potions and things associated with all that jazz. The color palette is derived from the character's colors (purple mainly).  I used Eyeko's purple eyeliner and Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in actually every purple color they make alongside liquid liner in Perversion. The purple glitter was of the Nyx variety and the lashes are from EyesLipsFace. The "smoke" was because of this character's frequent use of smoke and even glittery smoke :D. I chose feather lashes because of some voodoo items that were in Facilier's parlor. Voodoo for real creeps me out to no end, but when using cute feather lashes, it doesn't seem as scary...

My lip color was a mix of NAR's Lipstick in Funny Face and Revlon's Orchid with an unnamed (for real) Nyx Gloss that was magenta in color. I darkened my eyebrows with NARS' Eyeshadow in Night Bird. All of these villains have such dark brows!

On another note, my blog keeps on getting referred by a goth dating site...what hell? I have some major confusion over that one. Maybe it's because I'm into the Disney Villains, haha. And otherwise I have been sups busy packing for college and buying for college and reading books when I should be looking at and memorizing monologues...whoops? And only two more days of work, eeeek! Summer went by oh so quickly. Until my next post...


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