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First let me say that Voodoo Spells are real. Anyone man or women(white or Black) wanting to become an apprentice on voodoo spells and magical incantations should practice safety and use my article as a guide to invoke the black magic of the healing God Obeah, some of you with roots in the West Indies and Africa may already have the dormant skills required to tap into this mystical energy,so you have a leg up on others, you may ask why is the magical tradition,strength,and potency of Obeah so much stronger in places like Jamaica, Haiti, and to a lesser degree New Orleans Voodoo?  Because Jamaica is one of three most powerful centers of mystical power on the face of the earth,and the most powerful in the western hemisphere.If you want a custom magical spell cast contact me with your desires.(information remains confidential) I bet you did not know that the greatest Obeah man in the history of the West Indies was none other then Bob Marley a powerful Duppy Conqueror, the rastafarian movement originated partly because practitioners of the ancient art wanted to organize a movement against the English Imperialists. Bob Marley in his ancient wisdom implanted his mystical Obeah power into every single one of his songs. "If you listen closely you can here, Its the sound of a natural mystic coming through the air" Bob Marley words in one his more famous songs.The fact that he chose music to chanel his mystic powers magnified the potency of the obeah spell. To this day if you listen to a Bob Marley song you will be cast in the spell of the hypnotic music which is why alot of europeans have discovered that using canabis as a spring board to heighten those hypnotic effects can increase your dream like other wordly experience when listening to the music.
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