Black Magic Mystery

| Thursday, July 20, 2006 | |
Black Magic Mystery Cover What is magic? It means that someone has a way to do something that seems impossible to do in the eyes of another one. Magic users often believe that they have a way to control things or people.

A long time ago, the ones gifted with magical knowledge would use their skills for the following reasons: they would heal people, they could find a way to know what really happened when something someone was wrongfully accused, they could decide to go nasty and do bad magic and lastly, they could do magic to make a spirit go away.

Black & White Magic

If you decide to do magic, you have the choice of doing good magic (white) or bad magic (white).

When you see movies with battles undoubtedly the end is written in way that it’s the good guy versus the bad guy and the good guy always wins. The same principle applies when you compare black magic and white magic.

white magic means good magic. You use this kind of magic to do some good in this society while using techniques that is harmless to either you or the others.

Because there is always two sides to a medal, you have black magic. When you think black magic, you think evil and doing bad things. When performing this magic, you need to conjure evil spirits.

'Sorcery & Witchcraft'

Black magic is known throughout the world as witchcraft, sorcery or any other terms associated with it. However today’s society warlocks or witches don’t really want to harm other people.

Today’s Black Magic'

In the black magic world of today, these are the following things you might learn if you decide that you want to learn the black art.

1. Fortune Telling will give you the ability to see the past and to predict the future.
2. The ancient art of divination will let you find other people’s secrets.
3. Invoke a spirit to cast a spell on someone.
4. You can put a curse on someone you want to hurt
5. Evocation will give you the chance to conjure up a spirit.
6. There’s a great chance that your concentration will benefit through various actions exercises.
7. Further to contrary beliefs, you can heal while you do black magic.
8. To thank or reward the spirit that helped you, you can do a ceremony

Unfortunately, in today’s society people believe that black magic will be done to do bad things.

If you read about the history of black magic and you decide to compare the black magic from then and today’s magic you will learn that it is not as bad as it may sound.

If you believe in magic, you will want to know more details about how today’s black magic works. Furthermore, the more you read and the more you learn, you will find how black magic is not related at all to worshiping Satan.

What black magic teaches is to love yourself, love and respect nature and that everything complements themselves especially men and woman.

Finally, something will make you wonder about spells, special ceremonies and finally curses. All these elements lets you respect this noble art called magic.

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