Curse How To Dispose Of Cursed Voodoo Doll

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Curse How To Dispose Of Cursed Voodoo Doll Image
Voodoo Dolls can be cursed and bring bad luck to the person(s) who cursed it or was cursed by it. One way to dispose of it is by wraping it in a white cloth along with sea salt and skaking it. Sea salt is very often used in the Voodoo religion to purify magic and spells. Then take it to a lake, river or someplace in nature and ask the Voodoo Spirits to take the negitive energy frim you and ransform it into poitive. Go back to your home and clence yourself in a bath with herbs like basil, juniper and even seasalt.

Another way to dipose of a cursed voodoo doll is to wrap it in a white cloth with seasalt and burn it. Place the ashes in a hole far away from your home and sprinkle holy water on the ashes. Cover the hole, being very carful not to touch the ashes. Go home and bathe ourself throughly adding some holy water to the bath. An old Voodoo secret to making holy water is to leave out a bowl a water at night near a window or outside. The next moring the sun will shine on th bowl and you will supposedly have holy water.

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