What Do The Seven Pins Mean In Voodoo Symbology

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What Do The Seven Pins Mean In Voodoo Symbology Cover Symbolism is an inherent characteristic of all magickal systems, mystical practices, and religions. As such, knowledge is power. In addition, there is positive and negative in all magickal systems - good and evil, black and white, light and dark, love and revenge, right and left. While Hollywood and the mass media have inaccurately amplified the negative aspects of Hoodoo and Voodoo and thus perpetuating its traumatic origins in this country, Voodoo priests and priestesses work primarily with the right hand (for good). Hoodoo root doctors, as they are called, will often work with both hands.However, all healers must have an intimate knowledge of both sides of the coin for without this knowledge, it would be impossible to define the light.

Numbers and colors are at the core of Hoodoo and Voodoo symbology. It is hard to definitively say where the importance of the number seven came from. The number seven is integral to many Native American belief systems, representing the seven sacred directions, and it is commonly known that much of Hoodoo and Voodoo came from the indigenous knowledge of the healing plants and herbs in ritual and healing practices. In addition, it is believed that the availability of the Jewish menorah candle holders were widely available and purchased by practitioners and ultimately the use of seven candles, seven colors, and the number seven in general were incorporated into the practice.

If you research the topic at all, you will find discrepencies into the meanings of the seven colors. I am offering one interpretation of the meanings of the seven colored pins found in new Orleans Voodoo. Note that this interpretation is based on right hand Voodoo practice.

Symbolism of the 7 pin colors:

yellow - success
white - positive
red - power
purple - spirituality
green - money
blue - love
black - repelling negative energy

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