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| Saturday, September 4, 2010 | |
Voodoo Today Cover Voodoo arrived on the shores of Jamaica as a healing tradition,practioners invoking Obeah to heal and when the evil spirit of forced labor and colonialism started to wear on the first Obeah men so they turned their powers to heal on the inside into a powerful force to desroy the imperialist tradition on the outside.This new found force was profound ,a turning point,very powerful because in West Africa Obeah was always a healing god and to invoke the deity to chant down babylon with such great black magic took a toll on its practioners.The obeah masters decided as soon as the colonial government was cast off that they would return there magic to its healing roots because the use of such dark magic to inflict pain and suffering was taking a toll on their soul spirit.This dark powerful magic of voodoo was smuggled off the island and made its way to Haiti were it was used by Toussaint L'Ouverture in his revolutions ,there were very powerful withch craft at work here.Most of the American Newspapers covered the revolution in Haiti and blacks in America were reading how brave this Hatian was fighting for equality.The planter class was very afraid of Toussaint.After the Hatian revolutions the mystical energy made its way to New Orleans.The voodoo magics arrival in New Orleans was stalled by the Louisiana Purchase for over 40 years.The New Orleans Revolution powered by obeah leaders would not gain a foothold until close to 200 years later in New Orleans.

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