When Are Spells Performed

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When Are Spells Performed Cover When you think of the word magic other words come to mind such as charms, spells etc. There are also numbers that have significant power in the magical world. In the magical society, when you cast any spell it means that you channel your energy for mystical powers.

In order to do a spell, you need to say words in a certain order or with various intonations. If you succeeded in your attempt, then you will release the Supernatural powers.

Spells are usually done when the time is right. In many different cultures that do practice magic, it is of the outmost importance especially for the African-American and the European-American as many of their spells are time precise for example the full moon. But have no worries, not all the spells are like that. I’ll show you both examples:

In voodoo there is a spell called the Position of the Sun. Voodoo Magic Spells are often casted with the position of the moon and the sun. The creatures they worship are called moon-lore. As time is of the essence, it is imperative that they begin their chant at the exact moment they are required to do.
When you do magic, you will learn to know that the moon plays a key role in many spells and chants. If for example a spell requires you do something when the moon is full don’t do it when there is just a crescent.

Use your calendar. A calendar is not only to put down dates and stuff. You can also look at the dates on a calendar and be reminded when a spell will be more effective for example it might be that a spell works well after the first part of the month is gone or did you know that supposedly if you sleep with certain things under you mattress you are supposed to dream of your soul mate?

It doesn’t matter if you go for the White Magic or the black magic. There is more than one way to get rid of a streak of bad luck. You must never forget the law of three and that not all spells can be done at the same time. Sometimes it may require you to stay up late...

Want an example of a magical spell? Here is the ever popular love spell. You can use this one for attracting the person you have a crush on. The ingredients you need to perform the ritual are quite simple: a pink candle and your favourite perfume. First step is to carve a hearth in you candle. Next, make sure the moon is full and place your candle in the moonlight. Open your bottle of perfume and imagine its sent reaching out to your lover. Thank the goddess Venus for helping you out in your quest. Lastly let the candle burn all the way and when you go to any event you think you might meet new people, wear the perfume and wait for the magic to do its charm.

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