Reverend Howard Randle Voodoo Case

| Wednesday, March 8, 2006 | |
Reverend Howard Randle Voodoo Case Cover In 1938, Reverend Howard Randle believed his wife, Lucinda, had put a spell on him. She had always been a very jealous woman. He had been having an affair with a young woman on Rampart St. He had also been seen frequenting several of the local bordellos by numerous individuals. His liaisons were tormenting to his poor wife. Night after night, she cried and prayed that his escapades would cease. But instead, the situation worsened. He had been spending less and less time at home and more time with his mistress.

In an Attempt to win his fidelity back, Lucinda visited Dr. Rockford Lewis, a local Witch Doctor who operated on Royal St. She bought a powder to turn her husband impotent. She carefully emptied the small bag into his coffee one morning. When he began to drink it, she became afraid that it might kill him so she cried to him that she had poisoned him. Within a few moments, she had convinced Howard that he was going to die!

Overwhelmed with guilt, she fell to her knees, begging him to kill her, so that she wouldn't be left alone. Believing that he would soon die, he walked with her out to the levee. She laid her head on his lap and gazed out onto the dark river. She talked of how she would go first and be waiting for him by the river in the glorious afterlife. They would be Together forever!

Slowly he took the knife out of his coat pocket and she closed her eyes. He jabbed the blade into her throat, ripping it open. He of course, did not die. But he wished he had, he was given life in prison! Legend says she still wanders the rivers edge, waiting for him to join her.

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