Barbie Of Swan Lake The Enchanted Forest

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365 MBHelp Barbie and Odette break the spell that has stripped the forest of its magic and trapped all of her forest friends before the moonlight picnic begins!

Play imaginative games to restore the forest to its grandeur as you journey to six magical locations! Search for hidden items within each world as you paint murals, create a field of singing flowers, piece together puzzles, and more. It's up to you to save your forest friends and restore beauty to the enchanted land. Then, a magical surprise will await you at the moonlight picnic!

Game Features:

^0 Fantastic journey based on the DVD movie, Barbie of Swan Lake

^0 Visit 6 enchanted locations, including Swan Lake, the flower fields, and a fairy village

^0 Help Odette hatch the baby swan eggs, create a song, and even catch fireflies

^0 Sprinkle pixie dust throughout the forest to help uncover hidden ingredients

^0 Create 5 magical wands and return the magic to the forest

^0 Print your creations from the Enchanted Forest to help make your room an enchanted place

Download: of Swan lake.part1.rar of Swan lake.part2.rar of Swan lake.part3.rar of Swan lake.part4.rar

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