Magic Religion And Spirituality Open Question Ummm Voodoo Doll

| Friday, July 8, 2011 | |
Magic Religion And Spirituality Open Question Ummm Voodoo Doll Image
So my best friend is going to south louisiana to visit the haunted myrtles plantation. She is a t the gift shop and she called me and told me she bought me a voodoo doll. The only thing i know about voodoo is that marie laveaux was the queen of voodoo. She is buried in the new orleans st louis cemetary #2. Anyway, she told me that it is mant to be a watchover or something like that. She also said it would relieve stress (because she knows ive been through alot lately). I have a few question. Btw im a christian baptist. What does it do? Will it cause hauntings? Is it demonic? What are they meant for? How do i use it? How does it relieve stress? And what does watchover mean? i also heard something about pins? What kind of pins? How does that work? Is voodoo magic real? Is this even apart of voodoo magic? Im kind of scared to see what she is about to bring home to me. Someone please answer my question. I would greatly appreciate it. If this is important, im a 14 year old girl btw.

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