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Air ritual bath salts are infused with herbs and aromatically, therapeutically, and magickally charged to strengthen the magick within you and all around you. Dissolve some air ritual bath salts in a warm bath &, while soaking your body, allow your mind to still and focus your thoughts only upon your desires.

Air Ritual Bath Salts are excellent for enhancing psychic energies, increasing magickal potency, and purification

Air is commonly associated with mental activity and is considered masculine in nature.

In modern WICCA/WITCHCRAFT the magickal agent of the element of Air is symbolized by a ritual tool. Some traditions assign the wand to Air because it was once a branch moving in the wind. Other traditions assign the element of Air to the ritual blade because of the sound a blade can make when slicing the air.

Creatures known as Sylphs, a fairy-like race, symbolize the active magickal principle of elemental air. In a metaphysical sense, the color of Air is blue and it is associated with the Eastern quarter. Some Wiccan Traditions associate Air with other directional quarters and other colors. In astrology, the zodiac signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are associated with the element of Air.

In old occult lore it was believed that spirits and ghosts had the power to wrap themselves inside the wind, giving them the ability to become invisible. From this lore, we find other associations such as the presence of a ghost indicated by areas of cold air.Howling winds were believed to carry spirits of the night. Because of the association of air, sudden gusts of wind were attributed to spirits and poltergeists.

Air Ritual Bath Salts Specifications:

6 Oz. Bag

All Natural

Good For 3-4 Uses

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