A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit

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A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit Cover

Book: A Healing Grove African Tree Remedies And Rituals For The Body And Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird

I believe the hallmark of a great book is that you finish it satisfied but yearning to learn more about the subject. The additional resources, organizations and companies that all would further personal study are listed in the extensive bibliography and reference section. Just a peek at the additional resources available whet my Intellectual appetite for more knowledge. Needless to say, this book will remain in my permanent reference library and I will refer to it often. The included glossary is great, and I think it could be extremely valuable for the novice reader of the subject of natural healing arts to start their study with the glossary. Its so comprehensive, the beginning student will learn many of the herbal basics right here.

The residents of the U.S. in particular and the Earth in general are beginning to understand the serious consequences of our overconsumption and misuse of chemicals, synthetic hormones and processed additives. Our health would be better served by the use of more natural and easily renewable compounds. In fact, it's actually in vogue now to move towards a more renewable and natural lifestyle. The author of A Healing Grove; Stephanie Rose Bird, is willing to share her vast and fascinating study of healing with us. If the reader has any interest in natural and complementary medicine, healthy and natural products, greener living in general or African American history, you will find tons of useful Information , plant and tree knowledge and just interesting reading in this comprehensive work. Stephanie is a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist, and a gifted writer. Her easy, sharing style of writing is like a conversation with a good friend. Her attention to detail, intimate insights and caring nature are wonderful and so evident in her writing.

I've been a long time student of alternative, herbal and holistic healing and this book really opened my eyes to the study of African American healing. I had some knowledge of the use and Understanding of use of bark in healing and health, but no idea of the vast potential it had.

Reclaiming traditions based on plants and herbs has never been more important than it is today. Widespread use of chemicals, hormones, and additives introduce unknown substances into our bodies. On a larger scale, our future on the planet depends on our ability and willingness to incorporate earth-friendly practices into daily life. Where better to look for natural remedies and soothing rituals than Africa? It is, after all, the Mother Continent, allegedly the birthplace of the entire human race, and the keeper of ancient earth knowledge.

No newcomer to these traditions, Stephanie Rose Bird explores the practical uses, spiritual traditions, and historical aspects of trees in the heritage of African Americans and offers ways to rediscover and implement natural practices in twenty-first-century daily life. The topics she covers are as diverse as a wood should be, including everything from hunting, gathering, and processing to natural divination, omens, signs, and forest medicine for wellness and beauty. A Healing Grove will lead not only to personal healing but also to a lifestyle that will heal our earth.

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