Santeria African Magic In Latin America

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Santeria African Magic In Latin America Cover

Book: Santeria African Magic In Latin America by Migene Gonzalez Wippier

This is a fascinating book about the author's personal Experiences with Santeria. I have read many of Ms Gonzalez-Wippler's books on the subject and this is one of the best and most famous. There seems to be a great deal of resentment towards this author's work on Santeria mostly because she has been the most popular writer on the religion. As an intiate in the Religion and an educator, I consider her work ground breaking because she was the first to identify the orishas as archetypes of the collective unconscious. She was also the first to write about it in the English language. Her books are used as required reading in universities around the world.Most of the "negative" reviews about her seem to come from the same people. The same names keep coming up in the comments about her work. This is a sad commentary on the people who claim to love and practice Santeria and they should know better.

If you want to learn about the religion called Santeria that is practiced and followed in various forms by 100 million people in the Americas, Gonzalez-Wippler's book is a good place to start. In plain language easy for the layman to comprehend, Gonzalez writes about the history of Santeria, its roots in both African religion and Roman Catholicism (Santeria is a syncretism of both), the Santeria pantheon, Magical Practices and magical spells. She also writes a separate chapter on brujeria, or witchcraft, a malignant offshoot of Santeria but distinctly separate from it. Gonzalez relates how many herbal spells used in Santeria have beneficial medicinal properties, such as the herb higuereta which has been found to shrink malignant tumors, and she also discusses the mindset of those who follow both Santeria and Catholicsm and have no problem integrating both into their lives, since each serves its own purpose. The book doesn't go into great depths, but it's an excellent overview for those who want to explore more deeply into the religion and its beliefs and practices. It also has the advantage of being written in English originally, so that it doesn't risk losing anything in translation. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in Comparative religions and/or the history and culture of Latin America.

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