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So You Want To Learn Voodoo Spells Read This Cover Well, if you’re reading this article, you want to learn Something about voodoo spells or even a few spells themselves. Well, before we get into any actual spells, you will probably want to read a few things first. Too many people have misconceptions about Voodoo which need to be cleared up first. That’s where this article comes in. I think you will find this most enlightening.

Probably the biggest misconception about Voodoo is that it is some evil science. For starters, it is not evil and it is not a science. Voodoo is actually a religion to many people, no different to them than Christianity or Judaism. In the Voodoo faith there is a god who is responsible for creating the universe and the world that we live in. There are then lesser gods or spirits, similar to other religions. The point is, Voodoo in itself is not evil. As with any other religion, people can abuse it.

The actual process of being initiated into the Voodoo faith is quite a fascinating one. A Voodoo priest presides over a very complex ritual. This ritual is basically done to appease any dead spirits related to the one being initiated. This way, any past sins or evil deeds will have been done away with. This will appease the spirits of the dead. The service itself is quite solemn and taking quite seriously.

Probably the biggest misconception of the Voodoo faith is the Voodoo doll itself. Most people believe that the doll is used to inflict pain on the subject that the doll was made for. While this can certainly be a use (anything can be used for good or evil) the primary purpose is actually to relieve the subject from pain. That is why a locket of hair or some other body part is taken from the subject to construct the doll. In the case of inserting pins into the head, in most cases, this is done to relieve pain, such as headaches, rather than to inflict pain.

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